I hate band.

My friends hate band.

Everyone hates band.

Everyone hates our director,

always screaming,

trying to be funny,

but seriously failing.

Everyone hates scale tests,

because nobody ever learns 10 scales.

It's not much work,

I can learn them in a day.

But nobody wants to do them.

Everyone hates lessons,

getting pulled out of their favorite class

to get yelled at by their lesson teacher

because they didn't practice

the entire week.

Everyone lies that

they forgot to fill out their practice forms,

or forgot the permission slip

or forgot that the scale test was today

or forgot their instrument at home

or that they hate band.

I only lie about the last one.

I don't hate band.

But I could never come out and say

that I don't hate band.

I'd be ostracized,



So I say I hate band,

because if I say the truth,

I'll be losing all my band friends

because they hate band.

But I lie and say I hate band.

But I'm not the only one who likes going to lessons,

that I know for sure.

So maybe, I'm not the only liar.

Does anyone else lie

that they hate band?

I don't know,

and I'll never ask.

I'd be giving my secret away.

So for today,

and for tomorrow,

I hate band.

My friends hate band.

Everyone hates band.