Chapter Five

"This is Storm. Does everyone read me?" Riker spoke into his comm. set.

"Stream here. Reading you loud and clear."

"Cricket calling in."

"Tiger hearing you just fine."

"Mouse in position."

Riker nodded. "Storm. Good work. Are we ready to move in?"

There was a series of yes before the line went silent once more. "Stream. Maintain radio silence as much as possible once we're inside," ordered Kyra.

Sadiki agreed. "We don't know if they're picking up on the frequency."

Blaise suddenly yelled into the set. "The window is open. Go, go, go!"

The five ran to the door, careful not to step into view of the cameras or the guards. Blaise immediately attached his Mini on to the security pad. Furiously typing out commands, he could feel the seconds ticking. Finally, the door swung open; and they rushed in, closing the door a second before the cameras swiveled their way.

Two guards glanced at them in shock. Unit 410 was all disguised as older people, but that didn't disguise the fact that they were breaking in. Ryker and Sadiki moved immediately, targeting a pressure point on their shoulder before snapping their necks.

Atreo glanced at the two corpses. "So, where do we hide the bodies?"

Sadiki scratched his head. "The bathroom, perhaps?" He pointed to a door with the sign for males.

Riker nodded. "Good work. We'll hide them in the stalls and lock the doors to them."

Kyra looked up at the cameras. "You are sure that everything worked correctly, and that the cameras are now looping, right?"

Blaise scoffed. "Please. I know what I'm doing."

Riker came back from the bathroom with Sadiki behind him. "All right. You all know what to do."

Kyra nodded before running off, Blaise sprinting to overtake her and leading the way to the command center. Sadiki took Atreo to the stairs, each of them on highest alert. Riker stood there for a second more before running ahead to another batch of stairs, this one leading to the roof.

Jackson Ottoman had just finished his coffee when his personal alarm began to blink. Worried, he placed his cup down – just as one of his guards came running into the office, panting. "Sir! All the exits leading outside have been locked, and the roof has been compromised!"

Ottoman frowned. "How many intruders are there?"

The guard shrugged. "We're not sure, but some of our men have been able to contact us before they were killed. We're estimating that there are around five."

"Five?" repeated Ottoman, incredulous. "That can't be!"

The other man shrugged. "Whoever they are, they're skilled. Half of the guards have gone down already, and it only took one to secure the roof!"

Ottoman slumped down in his chair. "Highly skilled agents can only mean one thing: The Change is here. We have to leave while we still have a chance."

Unfortunately for him, there was a series of gunshots behind the door before an uneasy silence filled the room. The door was kicked open to reveal two masked figures – one slightly taller than the other, but both wearing the symbol for the Change on their left.

The taller one smiled. "Let Ottoman go without a fight, and we'll ensure that you have a quick death."

Ottoman's personal guard immediately surrounded him. The shorter of the two frowned. "Oh, well. Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way, right, Tiger?" He pronounced the last word with a grin.

Ottoman gulped. If the taller one was Tiger, it would only mean that one of the Change's best groups were sent. Regrettably, this also meant that Storm was here.

All the higher-ranking members of G.C.E.P. had heard about this so-called Storm. Storm was an operative that had shown up as a solo agent for the Change nine years ago – ruthlessly killing many of the leaders and important figures in the G.C.E.P.'s plan to destroy the Change. None of the agents that were sent to take him down ever came back.

Sadiki, aka Tiger, grinned back. "Let's roll."

It was a short fight in the eyes of Ottoman. His guards tried their best, but they were no match for the two. Atreo had a few problems keeping his side from overwhelming him, but Sadiki had enough skill for the two of them to defeat the men.

At last, only Ottoman and the two remained standing. Sadiki nodded to Atreo, keeping a gun trained on Ottoman. "Search him."

The younger agent patted the G.C.E.P. leader down with practiced ease, occasionally taking a gun or knife from a concealed sheath or holster. If Atreo felt uncomfortable in searching Ottoman, he gave no sign. "Clear."

Atreo kept a gun poking Ottoman's back as Sadiki walked in front, checking and eliminating everybody he set eyes on. Close to the roof, they met up with Kyra and Blaise. Sadiki raised a brow. "Everything secured?"

Kyra shrugged. "As far as we know. We lured the majority of the guards to an auditorium under the pretence that Ottoman was trapped there, then shut all exits, so we should meet little to no resistance."

Blaise grinned. "I changed the pass code and the security systems, so no one should be able to get in without some time passing."

Atreo brightened up. "That's great! Well, you've got the technical stuff done; Tiger and I have Ottoman; so is Storm done?"

Kyra smirked, seeing the fear in Ottoman's eyes. "Knowing him, he's probably wondering why we're taking so long."

Ottoman found his voice. "What are you going to do to me?"

Sadiki shrugged. "We're just here to transport you. I suppose the others at the base will want to question you, though. I hear it's time for some of the students to learn interrogation methods."

They opened the door to the roof cautiously. Atreo poked Ottoman to go first. The man did as he was told, horrified to see dead bodies littering the entire area; and a lone figure sitting beside a helicopter-like transportation.

Riker glanced up to see the rest of this unit coming out with Ottoman in the middle. "Took you long enough!" he shouted, grinning from the adrenaline.

Kyra rolled her eyes. "Only because you had the easiest job!" she shot back.

Riker indicated to the mass carnage. "You call this easy?"

Kyra smirked. "Well, you did have the H.T.S. to help."

Riker smiled. "True, but I don't need it!" He laughed. "You should have seen them panic when they realized an unseen threat was targeting them. I believe they shot more of each other than I killed!"

Ottoman looked around uneasily. "Could we not talk about this?"

"Fine." Riker climbed aboard the Copter. "Well, come on, then! The pilot wants to leave before the cops arrive. We are in the middle of a city, you know."

The rest of them boarded the F.T.V. Kyra tranquilized Ottoman as soon as they lifted off. When they were in a safe distance, Sadiki took out the self-destruct remote for the building. With an evil grin, his finger reached down to press the button; when...

Atreo grabbed it from his hand. "Hah!"

"Atreo! Give it back!" Sadiki yelled.

Riker stepped in between them before they could chase each other off the ride. "Don't you dare chase each other," he warned. "Especially with the doors still open."

With that, Kyra closed all the doors. "Doors are closed."

"No!" wailed Sadiki. "You have to leave them open, so that we can watch the explosion!"

Kyra rolled her eyes but opened the door anyway. Sadiki grinned. "All right, Atreo, you can blow it up this time."

Atreo smiled and pressed the button - both of them watching the building explode.

"Mission accomplish, team," said Riker, leaning back against the chair.

They exchanged hi-fives. On an impulse, Kyra grabbed a pair of binoculars. "Impossible," she breathed out, looking through them.

Riker got up, concerned. "What is it?" he asked.

Wordlessly, she handed him the binoculars, pointing at an area. Riker looked through them to see a man stumbling away from the burning inferno that was a building. He stiffened. It was just a random passerby, right? But there was no mistaking the uniform of the G.C.E.P soldier.

Riker lowered the binoculars. "One survived?"

Kyra nodded. "One survived."

Blaise walked up to them. "What is it?"

Riker frowned. "A survivor." He walked back inside before speaking into this headset. "Pilot, fly over a fairly unpopulated area. We have some unfinished business to take care of."

The pilot's answer came through the set. "Should I land?"

Riker shook his head. "Negative. If you drop us down at a roof, we should be able to scale down via the rope."

Sadiki and Atreo stood next to him, all previous elation gone from their faces. "What is it?"

"A guard managed to escape the blast."

"What? How?" asked Atreo, shocked.

Riker shrugged. "I don't know, but we're going down to to finish the job."

Kyra nudged Ottoman with a foot. "What about him?"

Blaise gave her a lopsided smile. "The pilot should be able to bring him back on his own just fine, right? After all, he is sedated."

"I'll ask," said Sadiki. "Pilot, you all right in taking Ottoman back yourself?"

"Affirmative. Just make sure he's tied up. I don't want him waking up and strangling me in the middle of the flight."

Sadiki grinned. "Will do." He turned to the others. "Where's the rope?"

Copter: a F.T.V. similar in shape to a helicopter but with more features available; used for both quick getaways and pursing

F.T.V.: Flying Transportational Vehicle

G.C.E.P: Global Change Elimination Program; a group of people seeking to stop and eliminate the Change once and for all

H.T.S: Higher Technology Suits; suits fixed with many different features such as an invisibility feature, jet packs, rocket launches, to name a few.

Mini: A watch-like device fixed with the latest technology and constantly updated; used to do various jobs