One year later

"So, why did you have the need to kidnap me out of my own house," I ask looking over to Jocasta.

Howl's little sister, same age as Therese, smiles keeping her eyes on the road. I find it kind of scary that Howl is allowing her to drive without a license. I'd go insane if Therese would even make an attempt to drive. "No reason really. I got bored at the pack house and thought about you. Ever since…that day, we hardly hung out. It's time to change that. By the way, do you have anything better to wear than that?"

Rolling my eyes, I look down at my clothes. I wore black jogging pants and a white tank top. Jocasta could have given me some kind of slack. Before she arrived, I just started to pack my stuff for college. Yeah I know I have three months to go before I leave, but I'm being prepared. Howl hated the idea of me going out of state for college, though I know good and well he will be there every weekend to pick me up and bring me back home. My dad, on the other hand, thought I should branch out my horizons and leave for California to get use to big city life. Howl did not take that idea very well. He didn't want me that far from him.

"I take your silence as a no. That's fine. We can do some shopping at the mall. Therese and I go there all the time now."

"Yeah, I bet. Where is Therese anyway?"

Jocasta shrugs. "I talked to her after she got out of school. I think she is hanging out with Jason."

I nod. "That's cool."

After the death of Aurelio, life seem to go in a better direction for everyone. First of all, Bambi and I got a better understanding of each other. Howl made us train about every single day when I came from school. Training included running twenty miles a day, fighting with Gen was it was fair, more running after that, and pack hunting. At first, I couldn't make the twenty mile mark. The most I ran was six miles and gave up. Whenever I gave up, Howl would yell at me to get up and keep going. The Alpha side of him came out during training, but he becomes my lovable mate after chewing my ass out for not being fast enough.

Therese, after finding out that Snake was killed while she was in cabin, went through a state of depression that lasted for about five months. After we moved back home with dad and having a respectable funeral for mom, Therese stayed in her room for hours on end. She did not want to spend time with me or dad on our nights out. Even when we went to her favorite waffle house, Therese stayed in her room blasting music. Dad and I thought about taking her to therapy to get her help, until Jason Young came into the picture. After their meeting, Jason is all that Therese could talk about all the time.

Jason and Therese met while in her gym class. The boys gym class decided to play basketball the same day that Therese's class decided to have a free day. Therese was sitting on the bleachers listening to music when a basketball nearly hits her. Therese freaks and ready to curse out someone until Jason runs up the bleachers. As Therese explains it, her heart went into overdrive. Jason is six foot and has a slim light skin body frame. His hair is brown and has a natural messy bed hair look. Jason has light green eyes. From what Therese knew, Jason is one of the popular kids and a track star. The two went out on a couple dates and even went to prom. Therese has defiantly fell in love with the right guy. Believe me when I say dad and I approved instantly after the first date. However, Therese is not the only one who found love.

My dad, slowly like Therese, had trouble after coming back home. He couldn't consternate on any of his work at home or in his office. Dad was actually on the verge of losing his job because of not winning all of his cases like he used to. All of that ended after meeting Ms. Claire. I've only met her a few times while her and my dad would go out. They were not dating at this time though. Ms. Claire began working in the same building as my father a few months ago. They met by mistake. Ms. Claire thought dad's office was her own. Dad helped Ms. Claire to her office and afterwards they got a coffee. Since then, they have when out on a few dates and then, out of nowhere, dad proposed to her. Ms. Claire, of course saying yes, now lives in the house with us.

The pack house has gotten more settled and closer together. Gen moved out the house after finding her mate up state. Before she left, Gen and Jocasta squashed the problem between them. Howl told me about the murder of his family and how Gen was involved. He also told me about the time Gen and him were dating. I didn't really care for the fact that Gen and I never talked to each other before or after the death of Aurelio. Another surprise, Jocasta found her mate in the pack house. Everyone was happy about this expect for Howl.

Turns out the lucky male to be destined with Jocasta is Axis. After fully healing from injuries that Axis still will not talk about, he met Jocasta for the first time. Howl was there when it happened, when the two mates saw each other. They were in the hallway when all of this happened. Instantly, Axis walked over to Jocasta who is biting down on her lips. Axis then pulls Jocasta close to him and presses his lips against her own. Howl's brotherly instinct kicked in automatically, nearly killing Axis he's best friend and soon to be Beta. I was in the hallway at the last minute and grabbed Howl trying to stop him. It took both Gaz and I to drag Howl into another room.

Last, but not least, Nicole and I finally graduated high school. Our graduation day was nothing but exciting. Not only did our families and the pack came to cheer both of us on as we walked on stage getting our diplomas. Gavin and Blair, who seem to have gone A-wall during the night the Hunters attacked all of the packs in town, were there cheering us on. Nothing seemed more important than that one moment, besides getting into the prestige college a state away. Also known as my dream college. I felt as if nothing in the world could bring me down from this moment. When I graduated, all I saw was my life going forward with the people who mean more to me than anything. Life couldn't get better.

Jocasta pulls into the parking lot of the mall and cuts off the engine. "Alright, it's time to go shopping!"

"Let's not go to crazy okay. Wait, whose money are you using anyway?"

"Don't worry about that. Just worry about getting something cute. Tonight is going to be a blast."

I lift an eyebrow. "What is going on?"

"I said don't worry about it."

We got out of the car and into the mall. It didn't take me long to figure out what I wanted to buy. I went into a store I shop regularly, Lil Bat, which is an alternative store. Going through the racks, I found a dark red halter dress that had a black crescent moon near the chest area. With it, I bought a black chocker with a crescent moon like the one on my dress and a pair of tear drop earrings. In the area where the store has the show set up, I instantly pick a pair of combat boots. I need to get another pair anyway.

As I shop, Jocasta shakes her head. "Is this what you really wear to something that could possibly formal?"

Rolling my eyes, I look at her. "Pretty much this is how I dress for your brother. How do you dress when you and Axis go out on dates?"

Jocasta turns a bit red in the face. "I dress the way that I want to dress."

"Exactly what I'm doing."

In the same store, Jocasta picks out a pair of dark jeans and a tank top. She pays for both of our clothes and we walk out of the store. Before leaving the store, we grab smoothies from a stand and back in the car we are. Jocasta and I chatted on the ride back to the pack house. We really didn't talk about anything that was serious, just about random stuff that came to mind and having our mates. We even joked about having our wedding around the same time just to see the look on Howl's face. Though Therese and Jocasta are about the same age and had more in common than her and I, we have opened up to each other and seem to have more in common than we thought, besides being werewolves. It is actually great to know another female wolf, other than Gen. I still believe she hates me because she was not Howl's mate.

By the time we got to the pack house, the sun has start to set. Jocasta pushes me in the bathroom telling me to get ready. She will be back in an hour for me and I better be ready. For some reason, time is of the essence. In a way, I see much of Howl in her and a lot more to be seen as she gets older.

Stripping off my clothes I take a quick, but wonderful hot shower. I use the lavender body wash leave here in case I ever spend the night. Which is often. I spend more time at the pack house than I do at home. Due to this, my father gives me that whole "birds and the bees" conversation each time I told him I was staying with Howl. It's not my fault I have an irresistible mate. At times I think about telling my dad the truth about me, but keeping it a secret would seem like a much better idea. If I ever told my dad anything about being a wolf, he might as well send me to a psych ward for the next years of my life.

After getting dressed I curl my hair which is back to its right black and red streaks. I left a few strands of hair out and put the rest into a ponytail. My makeup is nothing special, just eye liner, simple black eye shadow, and lip gloss. I look over myself in the mirror smiling at myself. As much as I hated working out with Howl and doing exercises that made my body completely sore, I have to say my body looks pretty awesome. Chuckling, I thought of this being Howl's plan all along.

Someone knocks on the bathroom door. Jocasta's scent, the smell of oranges, crept through the lower crack of the wall. Opening the door, Jocasta looks at me up and down in surprise. Looking right back at her, I'm totally amazed. When had the thought in my mind that Jocasta is a tomboy, but now she looks like a slight preppy teenage girl. She wore the clothes she bought at Lil' Bat, had her hair flatten pass her shoulders, and wore heels. When we made eye contact with each other, both of us broke out in laughter.

"Okay, I'll admit that your dress is very beautiful on you Ryder. No wonder my bother likes you," Therese giggles.

"You look great too. Axis better be careful if Howl catches him staring at you," I smile.

"C'mon, everyone is waiting in the backyard. I'm pretty sure you are going to love this. We've been working on this all night."

"Working on what?"

"You'll see."

I follow Jocasta downstairs and out the back door. The crescent moon is high in the sky. A faint gust of wind blows at Jocasta and I from the left. As we walked, I gasp at the surprise. We walked on a path lit by candles that went into the woods. From my left to right, the trees close to the path are dangled with small candles hanging from the branches. My heart begins to beat fast wondering what is going on. A wedding? Some sort of ceremony? I wish Jocasta would have told me exactly what is going on. I like surprises and all, but this is becoming too much with all the thoughts going through my mind.

At the end of the path is a graveyard surrounded by tall iron gates. We walk pass the gates and a feeling of joy overwhelms me. Around us are nothing but graves side by side of each other. The names of the graves gave me the realization the people buried side by side are related. Some the graves have been in this area since the early 1700's. No one but family seems to be here as if this is a personal sanctuary. This place is very peaceful to be in. still, I could only wonder why we are here in the first place.

Jocasta and I follow short path in the middle of the graveyard lit by more candles. Looking pass Jocasta, I spot the other wolves standing side by side in a semi-circle with their heads looking forward. I could tell that Axis standing in the middle of the circle. He wore a pair of jeans and a graphic tee. Looking at the others, I notice that no one else is dressed up. Why was I the one who had to be formal when no one else is? Maybe Jocasta just wanted me to dress up for the hell of it, or there could be a reason why I am the only who is dressed.

As we approach the semi-circle, Axis and another guy move to the side. Jocasta pulls me in front of her slightly pushing me forward. I do, and while I walk, my heart begin to nearly beat out of my chest. Bambi is howling happily jumping around inside of me. In front of me stood Gaz, wearing a dress shirt and pants. We make eye contact for a swift moment. My gaze then travels to Howl who is smiling at me. His amber eyes are glowing letting me know that his wolf is also watching me walk in their direction. Howl wore a black dress top, dark jeans, but no shoes. Behind them is a fire burning high and bright. Gaz motions me over to stand in front of Howl and I do.

"Now we can get started," Gaz spoke quietly. "Tonight is a special night. In the Burial Ground under this beautiful moon, I want not only us, but our ancestors to be witnesses of this moment. Howl, as I've watch you grow from a rowdy teen to the man you are today, I must say I am surprised that you are the one. I would have not thought that you are going to be the one to take my place, but the Seer told me years ago that you are going to be the new Alpha.

However, as I watch you grow, the Seer is right. You are a fighter and have the strength to lead this pack from where I have left off. Not only that, but you have found a beautiful mate who sticks with you no matter what comes your way. After last year, I saw nothing but strong love between you too. So it is my pleasure in front of our ancestors and this pack, I'm giving you the role of Alpha."

The pack howls in unison, as do I out of nowhere, but Howl waves them off looking into my eyes. "Ryder, there is also something that I want to ask of you."

My heart begins pounding harder in my chest. "W-what is it Howl?"

Howl takes a deep breath. "We've been together for a year and few months, and I feel that our love has been growing since the day we met. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but we still came together to figure out that we love each other very much."

I slowly nod watching Howl bend down on one knee. My legs are starting to shake and I felt my body ready to give out. This cannot be happening right now. Howl takes out a red velvet box from his pocket smiling at me. As he opens the box, lights from the flames shows a gold ring. On the ring is also a crystal full moon.

"Ryder, besides being my mate, I want to ask you under this moon tonight. Will you take this ring and be my wife?"

"Yes," I cry looking from Howl to the ring. Howl stands taking the ring from the box and places it on my ring finger. I wrap my arms around his neck hugging Howl as tight as I can. He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me in closer to him.

"I love you so much Howl," I cry on his chest.

Howl rubs my back and whispers, "I love you too. Forever and always."

Life can't get much better than this. Having my family back, my now fiancé who I want to stay with for the rest of my life, new friends, and a brand new life awaits me. All I can hope for is to hang on tight and get ready for anything that comes my way.

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