"You are late." My boyfriend of 3 years, Ryan Blake said checking his watch.

"Traffic." I replied looking at the silver watch he wore, the one I gifted him on our first year anniversary.

"Reminds me of you." He said following my gaze.

"I knew my too-busy boyfriend will need something to remind him that I exist." I smiled ruffling his brown hair, resting on his forehead.

"You love ruining my hair-style, don't you?" he smirked, making no move to stop me.

"Yep." I replied.

It was snowing and he had called me outside, since my mom and dad didn't like him. Actually, mom liked him, but dad was against him, only because he wasn't Indian.

"You wanted to talk about something?" I asked leaning on the railing behind us.

"I was thinking." He said staring at the snow covered ground.

"About?" I asked. It was unusual for him to talk this way. Ryan was direct...very direct.

"Us." He said.

"Anything wrong?" I asked, turning to look at him. He looked lost.

"I swear if you are cheating on me with some bitch or are even thinking about breaking up with me…I will murder you both." I said threatening him.

"I know." He smirked.

"You better." I replied.

"Tanya...ten years from now, when we meet here..." He trailed off.

"Ten years? Why here?" I asked, confused.

"I mean...suppose, after ten years we meet here. It is snowing and…everything is same as it is right now." Ryan was staring at the sky.

"I think global warming will have some effect on the climate. And maybe, we won't get this much snow, then." I said, thinking about the future.

Ryan almost face-palmed. "I said SUPPOSE."

"But still, it is hypothetical, you know—"I stopped midway as he glared at me. "Sorry, continue."

"We can have two types of conversations." He said.

"Is it important that we talk?" I asked.

"Tanya...do you want to know why I called you here?" he asked, rubbing his temples.

"Yes, obviously." I shrugged.

"Then shut up and let me talk." He snapped and I made an air gesture of zipping up my mouth.

"Better." He said, continuing, "First type: You ask me how Ben is doing and I say he is fine. Then I ask you about Lisa."

I opened the imaginary zip. "Who are Ben and Lisa? And why should I ask how Ben is doing? And I don't know any Lisa."

"Ben is my son and Lisa is your daughter." My super weird boyfriend explained.

"I refuse. I am still a virgin. So I don't have any daughter. And about Ben, who is the bitch?" I asked glaring at him.

"I don't have any son either. I mean, either we can talk about our separate families, or—"

"What the hell are you talking about Ry?" I asked confused. Ben. Lisa. Separate Families. Ten years.

"You will understand if you let me continue." He said placing his hand on my mouth.

"Ok." I nodded.

"Second type: You complain about Ben and Lisa to me." He said.

"Ry, you need to see a psychiatrist." I concluded.

He sighed. "You are way too dense for a Lawyer. You see, in the first scene, we have our separate families..." He paused. I nodded, ignoring the too-dense remark for the time-being.

"In the second scene, we are married and Ben and Lisa are our kids." He again paused, looking at me.

I nodded; understanding his story, but still didn't getting his point.

"I prefer the second scene. What about you?" He asked, looking at me expectantly.

"Huh?" I asked dumbly, then shook my head, "If we are married in the second scene, it means that we live together, then why do I need to meet you here to complain about my kids?"

Ryan groaned and reached in his pocket. Kneeling down in the snow in front of me, he held out a red velvet box.

"Marry me..." He stated.



The wheels churned in my head and I realized what he was trying to say.

"No." I said crossing my arms on my chest.

"Why not?" He asked frowning.

"Because you are supposed to ask me, like a normal, decent human being, not order me to marry you." I said.

He sighed. Ryan wasn't good with confessions, I knew. This was probably the reason, why he narrated the 'two conversations' story to me.

"Will you marry me?" He asked.

"No." I said.

"I asked." He looked at me helplessly.

"I don't know who is asking who." I said plainly, not even looking at him. He groaned.

"Tanya Sinha, will you marry me, i.e., Ryan Blake?" Ryan looked cute, kneeling in front of me. I knew this moment won't come again, so I decided to make the best of it. It is not always, that your hot God-like boyfriend looks at you as if his life depends on your 'yes' or 'no'.

"Nope." I said popping the 'p'.

"Now why not?" Ryan asked irritated. I glared at him.

"Fine. Be that way and find someone else to gift that ring to." I snapped, turning away from him.

Ryan grabbed my hand with his free one and turned me around.

"Sorry. Why not?" He asked in a soft voice.

"You didn't say you love me." I smirked.

"Tanya, you already know I love you." He sighed.

"Fine." I muttered.

"Ok. Ok. Geez." He sighed.

"I, Ryan Blake, am madly in love with you, Tanya Sinha. Will you marry me?" He asked, almost desperate.

"NO." I said sweetly.

"My knee is paining. Now what is wrong?" Ryan asked, trying not to show his irritation.

"Tanya Sinha?" I asked.

He frowned looking at me, then grinned.

"I, Ryan Blake, am madly in love with you Tanya future-Blake. Will you, please, marry me?" He asked.

"Yep." I smiled, as he slid the platinum band on my ring finger.

"But I have one condition..." I continued as he stood up brushing the snow off his jeans.

"Now what?" he asked, pulling me close. His hands rested on waist, and I tried not to shiver under his gaze. Our breaths mingled.

"I don't want to name my kids Ben and Lisa." I said. Ryan smiled before covering my lips with his cold ones.