The girl banged his head on a chair at the park without hesitation. She crushed the letter she just read and tossed it to nowhere. She yelled at herself, "Man! Why is this so hard to do!?" She didn't even notice that the letter she threw got hitted by a dog. It growled at the girl and gave her the creeps. She slowly stepped back and pleaded, "Umm... Good dog... You're nit going to bite me... again... don't you..?" And cracked a smile... Which doesn't change the fact how angry the dog is. The dog was about to tackle her, but she already ram away while screaming, "Bad dog! Down boy!"

Her name is Jun Miyuki, The girl who dreams to be a story author. But her ideas are always denied due to her uncreative ideas. She's a 14 teenager that lives alone. All alone. Her parents left her when she was 7 years old. It's a mystery why they left her, but Jun never want to discuss that problem. All this time she managed to live 7 years without any problem, and no jobs. Also no crime. Even though she lives like that she's always blessed with luck... exept now.

Jun panted and hide behind a rubbish can. She lost that dog after a fewminutes of hiding behing that rubbish can. She sighed in relief, "Phew! That was really close!"

But now her luck doesn't seem to work much. She doesn't know how to do wirh her life anymore, even after surviving the deadly seven years without any source of money. She managed to survive somehow but now she is very sure she won't. She started to lose hope in her life. "What am I going to do now?"

She took the money on her bag and sighed. "This money is enough for a month of living, but that doesn't mean it'll last forever..."

Looking on the other side, the sun already took its set. Every kid in the playground yawned and ran to their mother's arms. Jun only watched in envy. She never felt true happiness. Neither the warmness of a figure mother, a real life angel sent by good to treat their children. Though, her mother denied her existence and abonded her in a cold place without any blankets or sweater. It's a good thing that God have mercybon her and still cares in her by giving her a chance to keep on living with her own feet with a bless. But that luck ends today.

"I can't just rely on my luck again." Jun gritted her teeth and tightened her fists and smashed them on the wall beside her. She sees no more hope for her. She walked alone as her stomach growl wildly. She wanna buy some food but she fan't afford to waste her money even a tiny amount. She needs to find a job first.

Along her way, she finds posters of some jobs. But Jun isn't interested of taking those jobs, mainly because she can't find her passion in any of the jobs... Although she didn't even know her real passion is, her guts is just telling her that it's not her passion. Somehow, Jun's guts are always right, she even guessed an accident near her town! Jun was blessed with some sharp guts, but that's not going to make her some cash to continue on living.

Jun sighed, "These jobsaren't worth it!"

But this one lucky poster caught her attention. It was infront of an infamous caffe of maids.

Her guts are pointing toward this flyer. But Jun thinked of this: WHY doesit should be this job!? I mean, of all the job I can get, I have to go on ths one!?

But she must have faith on her guts Yhis might sound crazy to her, but thisis her only way.

You guys thinked that this jobis about maids, don't you? Nope, you got it all wrong, the flyer doesn't have the word 'maid' in it...

The jobis about buying the caffe and become the owner of the caffe. It's just simple. You watch ofver your staffs and command them to work. You have to count on your profit and success on the world of business. But that one problem is that... She got ZERO EXPERIENCES.

She gulped. But this job does suit Jun the best. Just think. If Jun was able to own this caffe, she could still go to her school without skipping just like before. She can focus on her grades and focus on her business at a same time. That way, she can balance the world of studying and the world of business! Bonus pointsif the business was a complete success! She might even become a billionare!

"Could this be..?" She dropped a sweat, ".. The golden chance that Godis promising to me!? Is this really the key to happiness!?"

Her fistis trembling. Maybe owning a caffe and be the director wouldn't be such a bad idea afterall. She might start a fresh start and maybe make her parents regret on abonding her. That's when she cheered, "Alright! It's bewn decided! I'm going to buy this freaking caffe!"

"First of all, I need to rip this flyer.."

But when she ripped the flyer, somebody else was ripping the flyer too other than Jun herself. Of course Jun startled and get angry. She turned to thhe other person who also ripped the flyer and yelled at him, cHeythat's mine! Give it back!"

The boy widened gis 's wearing an orange scraf and a dark blue jacket. His pants are dark brown and his boots are thick black. Not to mention his shaggy and shiny blonde hair that hide his left eyes along with her blue sky eye. Judging on how big his body is, he might have be one of the boys who is gifted by six packs. Alright, let's say this In short. He's hot.

"Pardon!?" He yelled back and Jun, "If you haven't realized, I've been looking on this flyer longer than you, and I rip this flyer fatser than you, so don't blame me!" Jun twitched.

"Wait, what!?" She yelled back, "First of all, NEVER yell on a girl, second of all, you should let a LADY have theirintention ither than thinking about yourself, especially if it's someone you've never met, you ROTTEN CHEESE!"

"Rotten cheese!?" The boy yelled.

"You got any problem with that name!?" Jun yelled.

"Okay, thenyou're BABY DINOSAUR!" The boy taunted... Which made them to yell nonstop in 10 minutes straight. Finally, Jun lost it and shut the boy uo.

"Okay! Shut the hell uo!"

The hoy gazed aJun's flyer, and then on his flyer. And then laughed. Jun was annoyed at the boy's laugh and yelled at him, "Hey! What are you laugjing at you idiot!?" the boy showed his flyer in front of Jun, "Look at this flyer, you barely even got a word in yours! Shame on you! Haha!"

Jun looked at her 's right! Her flyer only got the blue background without any single alphabet. "What!?"

"Too bad, it looks like the victory is mine! Adios!"


She didnt lethe boy go into the caffe and her only way to do thay is to hug him from behind. She tackled him and prevent him from going into the caffe. She had suprisingly strong powers that she can hold a guy single handed... And of course she forgors that she's actually hugging him in public, she didn't realize that they had an amount of audience that are watching them.

"Not so fast!" She hugbhim tightly, You're not going in unless you gave uo on your intentions on buying this caffe! "

"W-What!?" He can barely breath."Yyou're so s-strong..!"

Both of them struggled as hard as they can. But when both of them realized the audience's awkward flushed face, Jun stopped hugging him and started yelling again on him, "Y-you idiot..! W-whay are you hugging me in a place like this!? We barely even know each other!"

"Excuse me!?" The boy yelled back. "I thought thatyou're the one who got some nerve on hugging me! Are you secretly admiring me orsomething!?"

When Jun hears theboy's last words, she made this icky face by showing her tounge out and point it on him while showing her m*ddl* f*ng*r to him. She seemed to hate the boy so much, she even made this scary face just to show how DISGUTED she is to hear the boy just said. But thw boy just sighed and said, "But we can't just keep yelling like this, it will scare everyone and they'll eventually go away."

That's when the boy gets an idea and grinned, "Hey Baby Dinosaur, I got an idea!"

"Huh!?" Jun said in a scary voice. The boy walked closer to her and whispered something into her ears. It seemed like the boy have something in mind that he really wants Jun to know. Probably something about their business conflict, both of them just can't stop fighting. As soon as the boy finished whispering to Jun, Jun widened her eyes and ponder a bit. The boy smiled, "How about it? We could start tomorrow in the morning, don't you agree?"

"Well..." She thinked After a few moment of thinking, she finally made up hermind. She muttered, ". . Umm... Okay then..."

"Gret! Now, how about we introduce ourselves first?" He gave Jun a hand and smiled, "My name is Nagi Kawasitma, you are?"

She looked atNagi's hand and took his hand. She muttered, "Umm... My name is Jun Miyuki, pleased to meet you.."

"Okay! Jun-chan, I hope we can work together!"


But the look Jun's face doesn't looked like she's enjoying this. neither she's nervous of meeting a new 'friend' or staring her new job as a caffe owner... No? Okay, it's NOT about caffe owner, but sometjing else... Which is actually realed to caffes. Some of you might now and some of you might not know. The secret between Nagi and Jun is still a mystery... But it will soon will be revealed, won't it?

Hmm... I wonder if this' ll work out?"

Hey! ItIt's been a long time eversince I wrote a thing! Well, this story Iis inspired by Maid sama and a drama in Korea which I frogot whatbit's calked... Anyway! Inpredicted this story that tjis story will have 20-45 chapters long. Alright! I'll be working hard on this new story! Pleas ereview and show me what you think about this story! (I'll be publishing another new story soon too!)