Jun gazed herself on the mirror, and twirled. Her cheeks becone red and then she twirled again. All her twirling goes on and on untill she lost it and kicked the mirror, "Why do I have to do this piece of crap!?" And shattered the mirror instantly Though, her feet didn't hurt. She started to break some sweat, this is the first time she's working on a caffe... And yet, she doesn't seem to enjoy weaeing her 'uniform', she can't help it but to twirl around like an idiot.

She glanced at the clock and tried to keep her calm 's almost time.

"Okay, I need to calm down first.."

She breathein and out, gazing at the window next to her. After that, she walk into the door, she's ready to work. But she still needs to accpet the fact that she may ruin everything with her personality.

-1 hour ago-

"I'm owning this caffe now!" Nagi said cheerfully. Both him and Jun taje a look around the caffe. It's actually not a bad caffe at all. The furnitures are well polished and the floor are clean. The other maids is nice with her attitude and a little bit of 'fan service'. The food looked so tasty and the customers seem to love the caffe. This is not a bad caffe at all. In fact, this caffe desserves more attention than how it is right now. Jun gazed around in awe, she will like it here.

Both of them wentinto the kitchen to meet the staffs. Most of the maids are outside to serve the customers, only a few are free. Nagi smiled as the staffs walk to them. Nagi whispered ti Jun, "Let's introduce ourselves to them nicely Jun-chan!" Jun nervously nodded and tighten her fists as she break a smile. One of them squealed happily, "Ah! You must be the new owner of our caffe right? I guess Ryucchi is right afterall!" Some of them giggled.

"My name is Rin Oohara, I'm the lead maid!" She smiled. Soon faded as she silently muttered, "Even though we only have two maids..." She covered it again and smiled, "There's one more maid outside, but she's still casting her 'magic' to please the customers! Maybe you need to meet the chef first?"

Jun startled with the word 'magic' andblushedd, but Nagi seemed to be just fine. He replied, "Actually, I, Nagi Kawashima are the only owner if the caffe, she just wanted to volunteer as a maid! Her name is Jun Miyuki-chan!"

She kicked Nagi's feet and blushed even more. It's not because it's false, she 's just... embarassed. Rin laughed and said, "Really? I thought so too when I first saw you!" That word... kinda insults Jun for some reason. Rin pointed at the chef near the oven, "Her name is Eri Takeyama, she's the lead chef here too!" Again, she silently muttered, "even though she's the only chef here.."

"But.." Jun uttered, "Whyis there so little staffs here? I thought this caffe is good?"

She chukled, "You see, our previous owner,Ryu Akiyori retired because of a mystery, I never thought we would find a new owner! We were just about to close the caffe next week! We are so lucky to have you master Nagi and Jun-chan!"

Eri, glared at Jun. Shedidn't know why Eri was doing that, maybe it's her habit.

"Jun-chan!" She called, Let's try our best, okay?" and lend her a hand. She took her hand, shake it and smiled nervously, "O-of course..!"

-Flashback OFF-

"W-welcome home... MASTER..!"

Jun muttered shyly as she bowed down. The customers were pleased by her greetings, even though she merely doinit right. It just seemed really cute to see a shy maid greeting like that. Nagi gave Jun thumbs uo from far away and grinned. Jun stared at him in anger, she really wants to punch his face BADLY, she started to tremble. But she needs to work first.

Rin who was just passing by, whispered something to Jun, "Get ready to greet the otger maid Jun-chan!She's near you!"

Jun startled. She wants to ask Rin what's her name, but she have already took her leave. She nervously looked sround and spotted this young maid with shiny red hair and sharp yellow eyes. She doesn't seem to be a nice person to Jun, but appearance doesn't fool Jun to greet that young maid. She seemed to work very hard that Jun got trouble to overcome his fear on greeting her. Finally, she settled her mind and decided to greet her. She walked to her and said, "Umm.. Hi..! I'm new here..-"

"No talking on work."

Yes, she was rejecred before she could even start. But that young maid do got her point, she should focus on her work first before chatting . took the positive side on her reply and get back to her work Jun really is a positive sided person AND negative sided person at a same time. How a unique personality, isn't it?

They worked hard untill closing time. All the customers left with big smile acroseed to their faces. They seemed verysatisfied and really happy to stop by this caffe. Jun sighed, "Phew! What a tiring day of work!" and wioed her sweat.

The girl from earlier walked uo to Jun and gave her a sharp glare, "Jun Miyuki, am I right?"

She creeped and nervously nodded. The girl continued, "You should not be talking on your work, woris your number one priority when you work in here, understood?"

Jun nodded again.

Rin walked up to the girl and tapped her shoulder Gave a slight sigh and giggled, "Come ony ou're no fun!"

She looked at Jun and smiled, "Anyways Jun-chan, her bameis Saeko Miyashita, she's quite strict when it comes to work, but she's a nice person!"

Jun nodded AGAIN.

"I'm warning you Miyuki-san, you're gonna have to follow the rules in order to work in this caffe!" Saeko stated. For the ladt time, Jun nodded. She can't say anything due to her fear against Saeko, she didn't wsnt to make problem here. Nahi rubbed Jun's head and laughed, "Come on Jun-chan, let's go home already! Your dirction are the same as mine, right?"

"Keep your hands away from me youidiot!" She slapped Nagi's hand.

"Ouch!" He erubbed his hand, That's mean Jun-chan, I thought you're supposed to show some respect to your master!"

"Shut up!" Jun flushed, "Moreimportantly, how did you know my direction to my home!?"

Isn't that obvious?" Nagi grinned at Jun, "It's because we're on the same direction, DUH!" And laughed uncontrollably. Jun tightened her fists and trembled. Jun asked for the silly question, of course she gets a silly answer, not mentioning Nagi's sense of humor. That's when she lost it and punched Nagi's face while yeeling, "Nagi you idiot!" and ran away.

They seemed to enjoy 'torturing' each other very much. Judging both of theirrelationships, it might have a harsh start, but it will be smooth as soon as both of their feelings are mutual. The problem is that not any of them felt like they forgotted something. Yes, they forgotted our poor chef, Eri. But Eri kept her distance, only to watch a single soul from far away. She's been watching Jun in the whole time. She tapped her chin and silently muttered.

"Jun Miyuki... huh?"

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