Document 0, transcribed by P from an answer phone message on the phone of Jenny Jones, deceased. Goodbye Jen, we miss you.

As I sit and watch the ever-curling black clouds I realise that the worst thing I ever did was to let that thing inside of me. I realise now that I am a liability. That I may yet get us all killed or whatever it is he - they - are going to do to us. I've taken everything. If I could find it I took it. Paracetamol, alka seltzer, cocodamal. I think I've taken at least 10 different types of stuff. Fitting - after me ten people will be dead. I'm so sorry. I'll be above those clouds soon. I hope I will be.

I've written everything I can think of down that might be useful. My diary is in my suitcase. Jane, I'd rather if it was just you reading it because I know there are things inside that will hurt the others... I don't want that. The code is 923.

I don't like this stuff, I'm just drinking it to speed things up... It's not so bad after half a bottle... I hope you guys find me first, I've seen what they do.

I... I'm sorry... I love you, I love you all so much. Don't stay, you've got a head start. I'm sorry... I don't feel very well.