Long ago in an aged time there were great powerful beings known as Star Children. The Star Children were said to be the very offspring of gods. They possessed inhuman skills, flying, telepathy, super strength, and speed greater than any creature.

The Star Children ruled over mankind controlling almost all of the world. They ruled with raw power controlling all that was worth having.

But not all the Star Children saw themselves as the kings of mankind. Some had took pity on the more pitiful creatures and sought to keep them safe.

As things would so often be in the ways of mans nature, a war had begun.

All across the world the Star Children fought. Creating earthquakes where they had been along with bringing down great mountains. They were an unnatural force of chaotic destruction.

But in the end.

It came to it that the parents of these god like beings returned to the world they had left their children to rule over.

Disappointed in seeing the destructive nature of their own childrens behavior. The parents of these great beings took away the powers of the Star Children and left them as any man woman or child.

With the source of their power taken, the Star Children watched by as their parents placed within a fallen star the source of their magnitude.

The parents of the Star Children took the star and carried it across the sea of the universe away from the children who misused its blessings.

Although stripped of their super human abilities the Star Children still formed their regimes. Some finding new power in the language of their parents, others in the numbers of each other. And some in the darkest of creations known to us.

Countless years later a new force was risen from the ashes of previous corruption. This menacing force born from steel work and from the Old Language gave creation to beings known as The Chrome. Standing at seven feet high to twenty meters, these steel beast were born from the sins of their previous god like beings.

This Corruption was an evil entity born from the vile spirits of those Star Children who succumbed to their own power.

Again war rose up and demolished acres of land.

Everywhere there was destruction.

Til one day the last remaining of the Star Children gathered for a final push against the enemy of all life. Standing firm against their opponents the remaining Star Children gave out a final war cry. Charging into the non-existent hearts of their enemies and finally silencing the Corruption.

What happened then was once known by many, but in time the legacy of the Star Children shrouded in myth. What was fact became drowned in a ocean of stories, all but save the Fallen Star as it came to be called. The very rock that was sealing the power of these god like beings.

But still to this day no one knows wither or not to believe this to be history, or fable passed down from a long line of stories.

But one thing is certain it will always remain as a legendary story.