"Do you want to save the world?"



"Because, does this world really deserve to be saved?"

I glanced at my younger brother, who was laying besides me. He's 10 and has still yet to learn the truth about things.


He turned towards me with a quizzical look on his face.

"Because there's war, poverty, death, anger, frustration, sadness, dehydration, sickness, starvation, cruelty, misunderstandings, disappointment, heartbreak, boredom, pain, despair, tyranny, stupidity, idiocy, arrogance, hate, disease, arson, bankruptcy, homophobia, racism, sexism, theft, adultery, rape, slavery, loneliness, homelessness, isolation, suicide, disaster, murder, violence, assault, distrust, dishonesty, abuse, terrorism, fear, obesity, and school."

"Yeah," said my brother. "But there's chocolate."

"How do you plan to save the world anyway?"

He smiled. "By telling everyone to be happy and get along."

"If only it was that simple."