The tears came a little later, when I was trying to read a book. I had made a mistake. I had picked out a Sarah Dessen novel, all sappy romance. It took less than three pages for tear drops to start splattering on the pages, and two more pages before my vision was blurred too much to see.

The truth was, Micheal had been my first boyfriend. I had liked him. I thought maybe I would even love him eventually. He was the only guy whod didn't care that my personality was so sharp. He didn't mind that I prefered books to people, and just didn't like socializing. Where others called me antisocial, he labelled me with introverted, and it had always made so much sense.

I liked people sometimes. Just... on my own terms. And not too often. People were exhausting. Micheal had ignored the "Leave me be" aura I so often wore in our high school and had won me over with talk of familiar books. His analysis of the lord of the rings books compared to their movie adaptions had been enough to make a literary girl swoon.

I closed my book and buried my face in the pillow. Micheal said my only emotions were annoyed and indifferent. He was wrong though. I could feel pain too. Heartbreak. Was that too melodramatic of me?

For awhile I cried, letting my pity party reign. Then slowely I dragged myself up from the bed. I needed ice cream. Wasn't that what people always ate when sad. There was chocolate in the fridge. There was always chocolate ice cream in the fridge. It was Mom's favorite, so she made sure that there were two containers of it at all times, so she would never be without it.

As I slipped down the stairs, I heard Dad's familiar voice. "Levitation. Really. It's quite something. I think it's tied to her optical abilities. She always did have perfect vision, and aparently when she used her powers her eyes..."

A fresh wave of tears hit me. I wiped at my eyes and hurried into the kitchen, avoiding the dining room where Mom and Dad sat on their phones. Great. I had no boyfriend... but instead I got worthless powers. Powers I didn't even want. I just wanted to survive high school, get into a good college, lead a normal, ordinary life. I was going to be an english major, and then someday a professor. Or something. My plan seemed fuzzy in my head at the moment. Nevermind that I had spreadsheet after spreadsheet laying it out.

I made my way into the kitchen unseen. As I neared the fridge though, I stopped. Jenny had it open and was pulling out snack after snack. I started to move back, but a sniffle escaped me. Jenny turned around.

She blinked, then her eyes widened. "Are you... are you crying?" she asked.

I wiped at my eyes. "No," I sniffled. "It's raining. Inside." Jenny just stared at me, mouth gaping. I kind of understood. I couldn't remember the last time I really cried. I was the stone cold one, with a heart of ice or whatever. I didn't cry. Except now that heart was feeling a bit shattered, and I couldn't make the lump in my throat go away or the tears stop.

"I need the ice cream," I said, holding out a hand. Eyes still wide, Jenny turned to the fridge and fished it out. She handed the whole carton of chocolate ice cream to me, then watched as I fished in a drawer for a spoon.

"Is this about me seeing your powers?" she asked. "I was just surprised. I didn't think Mom and Dad would go this crazy." She nodded her head out towards the room where Dad was using his free hand to gesture in the air as he eagerly described my powers to somebody on the phone. It almost sounded like an apology from Jenny.

I nodded my head, then shook it. "No. Yes. No," I said. "It's other stuff. Don't worry about it." I sniffled again and tucked the ice cream under my arm so I could wipe at my nose.

"Is it personal? Boyfriend stuff?" Jenny guessed. I fixed my best glare on her, despite my watering eyes. She quickly looked away. "Whatever," she said. "Not that I care." She couldn't quite hide the curiousity in her voice.

Ice cream achieved, I headed back up to my room. I closed the door, then locked it for extra measure. My eyes were watering too much to read, so instead I sat on my bed, staring at my phone. I didn't even have anyone I could call. Once I had been told I was about as hugable as a cactus, and my personality matched that. The problem with that was, nobody wanted to be friends with the prickly cactus and most the time I didn't care. Right now though, it would be really nice to have a friend to call and cry to.