First chapter here! A little short, but I wanted to get you guys some content as fast as I can for February! Next chapter will be longer, promise!

Hello, I'm back. Hime Atsuki, everyone. Whoopee freaking doo, I know. The cross-dressing princess—or prince. I dunno. This is the old me, not the new me; the new me is in a completely different universe. This is a comedy, that is…also a comedy, but that's not my point. So, let's go back in time, shall we? Reset the clock for a different path, alright? Pretend my brother's visit never happened, and then we're set. Alright, got it? Then let's get going!

Roll the words!


"Tomorrow's the last day of school, isn't it, Hime-chan?" Suzukima asked me while at my apartment.

"Yeah. Why?" I narrowed my eyes to suspicious slits, but she was too focused on her precious camera to notice.

"I was thinking we could take a group picture as the student council."

"Oh. That doesn't sound too bad." I shrugged. Suzukima had suggested something normal for once.

"Of course, you'll be dressed in clothing that Mikuru-chan will pick out."

I take back my earlier thoughts. "Right…"

She giggled mischievously. "Have you come to accept your inner woman?"

"No, I've just accepted that I can't argue with you guys…" I leaned back in my chair in defeat. "Honestly…"

The next set of giggles was out of sheer amusement. "Good."

Cross-Dressing at High School: New!

Chapter 1: New!

"Alright, team, we've gotta plan the end of the school year festival! Does anyone have any ideas?" Aoi Yusa spoke in a loud voice, smacking the meter stick to the blank white board.

"Question, General Aoi-chan!" Suzukima rose her hand determinedly.

"Speak, Lieutenant Haruhi-chan!"

"Why are we wearing army uniforms?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Lieutenant! You know exactly why!" She rose the meter stick whilst marching over. Her badges gleamed on the breast of her navy blue uniform.

"I'm afraid I do not, ma'am!" Suzukima stood stiffly with her hands at the sides of her yellow uniform.

"It is because—! Uh, because…! Uhm…be-because…" She grew flustered.

"This is so fucking stupid…" I mumbled, stretching my body across my desk in an equally stupid pink uniform. A sailor's cap was on my head, adding even more stupidity.

"Just go with it, Hime-chan," Okubo whispered quietly in her magenta outfit. "It's tradition for us to take on roles! Be excited!"

"But even I don't LARP as hard as this…" I responded.

"That's because you had no one to do it with. We're here now."

"Don't try and character develop me, Okubo."

She smiled sweetly. "You can call me Mikuru."

"Whatever…" I wasn't really feeling it right now.

"Private! Why are you snoozing on the job?! We have work to do!" Yusa slammed the meter stick centimeters from my face, and a yelp escaped my throat.

"F-forgive me, General, ma'am!" I nearly chopped my forehead horizontally for a desperate salute.

"I didn't fucking think so." She gave a scary glare before returning to the board and the subject at hand. "So, any ideas?!"

"Fireworks!" Suzukima shouted immediately.

"Too expensive!" Yusa shot her down just as fast. "Next!"

"Haunted house!" Okubo rose her hand.

"Too Halloween-y! Next!"

"Cosplay contest," I said out of boredom.


I wouldn't have eyes right now if it weren't for physics.

"Wait, wait, wait! Denied! That's a no-go, Aoi Yusa!" someone's ridiculously nasally clogged voice interrupted our little meeting. I'm talking Fox from Sm4sh nasal. It was so fucking annoying the first time I heard it!

Yusa turned violently to the doorway, where the interrupter stood, looking absolutely livid. "And what gives you that idea?"

"The student morals committee, of course," the person said, adjusting their glasses like some sort of smartass (I hate smartasses).

"The student what now?" Now Yusa was confused, as were the other members, myself included.

"Since when was there a student morals committee?" Suzukima asked cluelessly.

"Yeah, since when did that exist?" Okubo agreed.

"Since now, Mikuru Okubo and Haruhi Suzukima." Smartass turned sharply on her, lenses having enough shine to blind someone upon contact. "And as of right now, my members and I will personally oversee the planning of the end of the year festival."

"As if three of them weren't enough…" I sighed under my breath.

Their lazer vision probably locked on me, but I couldn't see a damn thing because I had my head on my desk. I heard clacking footsteps.

"What was that, Hime Atsuki?" Get a fucking tissue already…

I looked up despite myself. Alright, let's see…brown hair and tan skin. Well, that's a first. It was short, almost like a bowl cut, except thick bangs covered the eyes I couldn't see because of the fucking glasses. I'm sorry, am I using the word "fucking" too much? If I am, then my excuse is that I'm very tired today and just want to go home. Oh, and this person was wearing the male school uniform.

"Hm? You know my name?" I said, showing absolute disinterest.

"Yes, it is part of my job description."

"What's your name?"

"My name is of no importance."

"Alright, I'll call you smartass."

The student council of primary colors snickered, helping me fill my encouragement bar. This student morals fellow looked at me, offended.

"How dare—" he began.

"So, smartass, what's so bad about cosplay?" I interrupted, putting on a daring grin.

He clenched his teeth before continuing. "Think of what they will dress as."

"Then put restrictions!" I said loudly. "It's not that hard! If anyone breaks the rules, then punish them! How hard is it?!"

Someone stepped in the door. "Uematsu-san…?"

I looked up at whoever it was, and my face went blank when a pair of smooth arms wrapped around my waist. "Hime-nii!"

"I-Izumi…" I replied with false joy.

Yeah, in this universe, I have a little brother.