Chastity, she said it was her name
as we eloped into the tender night
with not a car in sight
Just spotlights on the sleeping stones
tremulous the traffic cones
And daylight after us, lumbering, lame.

So I told her
If you've ever seen the stars from where I live
you should go have your eyes checked

She smiled and took my hand in hers
and swung it as she jumped ahead
I thought of how she would be in bed
And let go of her hand

She skipped across a road
and a car found her spine
at a hundred an hour
She screamed for a bit as she

I went over to check on her.
She looked back at me, sheepish
"Forgive my screaming",
Hastily, she said it was her first
time dying
"After all", she said, "not everyone
has given up on life like you have"

I sighed and cracked my bony joints.
She smiled and nodded off to sleep.
I didn't know to cry or weep

So when she stood and hugged me back
I held her dusty hands in mine
and told her "wait for me years nine".

She nodded, and cried.
I guess I should have tried.


I clack as I walk.
I clack as I talk.
My joints are dry
and my ribs are white.

I've waited years
I've salted beers
I've read The Three

Forgive me when I say
I forget today
It's hard to remember
Why I say "why I say"


Something about walking on a pavement
that gives you the creeps at night
Grass would be alright
Carpet would be quite
at home in a suite
but not on the street.

Clack, clack, clack,
the bones of my feet gaily go.
Clack, clack, clack.

It isn't the same, no,
Walking when you're rotted clean-
it isn't the same, no.

People are always mean-
Especially when you smile,
people are always mean

It took me quite a while
Before I stopped caring.
It took me quite a while

Before they stopped staring.
I should have stopped caring
Before they stopped staring.


It isn't easy, being dead
they say you don't hafta use your head
but they're wrong
dead wrong

You can't down a pint with your friends
it just drips out the open ends
you can't pet a cat
or get a hat
or bat a fat cat in a hat
because that's unethical
unless it's a pinata

It's hard to see where you're a-going
and the rain gets right to your knees
It's hard to see what Heaven's a-planning
and the pain gets right to your knees

It isn't easy, being dead
they say you don't hafta use your head

But don't let the livers get you down
you gotta walk the road you're shown
you walk a road that's not your own
but it's a long way outta town.

It isn't easy, being dead
they say you don't hafta use your head

You gotta think where you wanna walk
You gotta think what you wanna talk

Because all of a sudden
you have all of eternity to
regret it.


Heaven is not for the likes of us.
The gates are for those with hearts and wings
And those who have wild imaginings.

We? We watch our feet on the bus

of stares
because we sit with open riblets
beneath them, nothing left of giblets
and tarsals bare

And on the bumpy roads,
we knock
knock knock knocking

at the hinging door
The cutest thing, she smiles at me.


And they say that we can't fall in love
because you don't believe in stars above

I disagree. It's because
we don't have hearts.

It isn't the same without the pounding
not the same without the blushing
without the drinking, vomiting, flushing
and every waking hour hounding

When you can't get to sleep
isn't the same when you can't sleep
When you can't find the tears to weep
isn't the same when you can't weep

It isn't sad watching flowers wilt
when you watch new ones being built

A factory does that now

Somehow love isn't what it used to be
no hearts to feel, no eyes to see
Just a big white silver screen

I hear the young'uns talk of love
somehow I doubt the words they mutter
I think about the words of my mutter-
"A heart is like a broken shutter
it wants to close but it can't move."


Nine years, I said, and nine years was
before I went back to the place I was

Something of love is- it grows stronger
the longer you live without it, the longer
for love is ever the wronger

That's something you don't need a heart to feel
that you don't need a brain to know
something that doesn't need tears to grow
or fingernails to peel

It's so much harder to be dead
and nothing's left inside your head
when nothing's said, time's dues are paid,
and each new moment's freshly made

Nine years I said, and nine years was
before I went back

And now we clack
rack to rack

Two skeletons of love.