At first everything is going perfectly fine. You're so focused that you hear nothing, you're thinking faster than you can write the words, and with each and every letter you are bringing into existence a new world that only you can create. Yes, everything is perfect, until suddenly - BAM! - you crash head first into that annoying wall known as Writer's Block.

"It's okay," you tell yourself after you dry the tears you shed during your mental breakdown. "All I have to do is climb over this wall and I can begin writing again." So you climb, and climb, and climb. You begin to lose hope. It appears you will never reach the end. "Is there even a top to this bloody wall!" you yell to the gods who only smirk at your misery.

When the top comes in sight you almost sing with delight - what do you know? I made a rhyme - but after you climb up you find a road before you. You curse yourself for your own stupidity. It's not called Writer's Wall, it's called Writer's Block. "No problem," you tell yourself before you lose it. "I'm halfway through this now. I can get through this."

This you begin your adventure through the Writer's Block. Now that you do not have to spend much of your thoughts on climbing, you can think of new ideas for your story. Easier said than done, as most of you can agree. Instead of having no ideas, you have more ideas than you know what to do with. Either your ideas are lame and useless, or too many good ones come to you at once.

"I like this idea," you say, "but I also like this one. Is there any way I can use both? I also really like this idea, but I would have to change most of the original plot for the idea to work. What should I do?"

You are so concerned with your problem that you are unaware of the monster sitting on your shoulder and laughing at your troubles. The little monster whispers in your ear, appearing to be a helpful angel when all it really is doing is making your head explode from the idea overload.

Frustrated, you want to call it quits and give up on this nightmare. Nothing you do eases any of it. You're stressed to the point of throwing your keyboard out the window. You raise the white flag in hopes of making things easier. Only, it doesn't get better.

Your failure laughs at your face and mocks you. You hate yourself for not finishing what you have started. You want to permanently retire so that you will never have to go through that again. Giving up is something you will always regret.

Not wanting to suffocate under the pressure your giving up had caused, you cast everything aside and begin the adventure again. You climb up the wall as if you have been preparing for it your whole life, you run down the road and dodge every pit and boulder you see, and you ignore the monster as he whispers in your ear. Actually, you snatch that little sucker off your shoulder and pitch him across the universe as you wish him a farewell. You're getting through Writer's Block. You're reaching the end. You're going to make it out alive.

Then you reach the end. You leap with joy as you meet the one thing that demolishes Writer's Block: Inspiration. Whether it be in the form of a conversation, song, or even some time in another world, Inspiration takes you over Writer's Block and allows you to begin again.

Inspiration does not appear because you truly have reached your end or it simply walked up to you and slapped you in the face, you received your inspiration because you never gave up and pushed yourself to meet the end of your story. You word vomited every idea that came into your head, and, even though you hated some of it so much that killing it with fire wouldn't have been enough, you had words written down that could help you. Funny scenes to lighten intense situations, deep conversations to make your readers feel for your character, and those moments in your story that at first may have been nothing becoming the most memorable parts are the reward for your struggles. The things you threw down while adventuring through Writer's Block as well as the Inspiration you found become something you never would have thought otherwise.

Soon you begin writing away again. With the words you write actions are done, words are said, and worlds are created. The story and world that only you can create are back in business to be seen by the world. It's never easy and sometimes you want to quit, but if you are really into writing there is no Writer's Block too big for you to overcome. All it takes is a little self-motivation to get through the lack of ideas and to push through the multitude of ideas to find the Inspiration you have been searching for. You can do it, but only if you really try.

You stretch your arms with relief now that your work is done. Your words are written and your story is told. Minus editing and critiquing, your work is finished. Your suffering is over and you are free to breathe. Now go outside! It's not healthy to spend all day indoors. Who knows? You might meet the Inspiration for a whole new story to tell.

Author's Note: I wrote this while under some intense writer's block. I know it's pretty much thrown together, but at the same time I'm proud of myself for writing something instead of moping in misery like I usually tend to do when suffering writer's block. I hope you guys enjoyed this, even if just a little.