A/N I wrote this play ages ago and my school's drama club never go around to perform it as we had some pretty unreliable actors. But I have chosen to upload this here as I want to share my play with people.

The Character List-

The Gang

Maria Poppins – Daughter of Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)14 Main protagonist Polite, outgoing creative person. Knows her way around a motor engine and a bow and arrow.

Truly Scrumptious II- Daughter of Truly Scrumptious (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) sharing her name. 14 Main protagonist kind and gentle, is attracted to Pete. Can do practically any karate move.

Will Wonka- Son of Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) 14 Main protagonist Shown as a caring, intelligent person who shares a close bond with Maria. Computer whiz and gunman.

Pete Pan- Son of Peter Pan (Peter Pan) 14 Main protagonist. Kind, caring especially towards Truly and likes to have a good laugh with Will. Best swordsman.

Vicky Hook- Daughter of Captain Hook 13 Misunderstood by her father goes to GA Academy with The Gang but is never really noticed.

Agent Jed Wilkins (Jed) - Director of Project Neverland trains up all his apprentices

TBGIOW (The Minions Including One Woman)

Captain Hook- Main antagonist Leader of TBGIOW and over-protective father of Vicky used to terrorize Neverland but now he has taken to the Scottish highlands to find his arch enemy's son Pete

Queen Isis (The Ice Queen) - Daughter of the White Witch looking to avenge her mother she is also the second older daughter of Hook


Frank- One of Hooks most trusted minions

Gary- One of Hooks most trusted minions

Minion 1

Minion 2

Minion 3

Narrator- Any Gender

Other characters may be added

Scene 1

Narrator- Ever thought if your childhood favourites were a group of teen spies well this is the hidden story of their descendants

(Maria, Will and Pete run on)

Maria- I think he went that way (Pointing left)

Pete- HOOK! You can't hide from us we'll find you in the end

Maria- Come out you big baby!

(Will and Pete glare at Maria)

Maria- What!

Will- Doesn't help Maria

Pete- We've got to find Truly

(Hook walks on with a tied up Truly)

Hook- Oh looks like you've found me then

Pete- Let her go Hook!

Hook- Oh look Truly it's your little boyfriend here to save you

Truly- You are a horrible man Hook

Hook- (Points to his face) Does this look like a face that cares?

Maria- Ok, you've had your fun Hook now return Truly

Hook- Never!

Will- Don't push us Hook we could... erm HUDDLE!

(All huddle together, Will steps out of the huddle)

Will- We could kill you!

Hook- (Laughs) What are a group of teenagers gonna do to me?

Maria- Don't push us Hook

Hook- (Mockingly) Dont push us Hook... Ha

Will- We warned you Hook

Hook- Please shut up your voice is sooo annoying,

(They move closer to hook)

Hook- Come any closer and I'll throw your precious friend over the edge of this cliff

Pete- Leave her alone Hook (Takes out sword)

(They charge at Hook)(Tableaux)

Narrator- Ok is it me or is this a bit confusing huh? Would it be a bit more comprehensible if I told you how this happened?

(Black out all characters leave)