Scene 13

Hook- That's a good girl give dad the watch

Vicky- No dad

Hook- Vicky give me the watch!

Vicky- Dad you've spent your entire life trying to search for this watch. It's not going to bring Mum back whatever you do

Hook- It will Vicky

Vicky- Dad choose it's either me or the watch

(Vicky drops the watch and it smashes)

Hook- No my watch

(All Exit)

Hook- I'll get you Pan if it's the last thing I do!


Narrator- So that's how it ends's folks. Maria, Will, Pete and Truly returned to Jed and are still best friends and this a little romance between Pete and Truly also Vicky has moved out and is now living with Will and his family.

Maria- So that was our story

Will- How we defeated Hook

Pete- And saved the princess

Truly- Stop it I'm not a Princess... well actually I kind of like princess

Jed- And I became a kung fu fighting champ, Hyyeeaa(Poses)

Vicky- So know you know

Pete- Have you met us

Will- We are the...

Vicky- Fairy

Maria- Tale

Truly- Resistance

Jed- Don't mess with us

(All pose)

Pete- Or we'll kick you're a...