Unlocking a door with a set of keys to a place that could be a home sanctuary or a working environment or a perfect café for a cup of coffee, chocolate or tea; a key is a polite solution to unlocking a lock in general.

Metaphorically, we lock our hearts to protect ourselves from the outside world whether it is an organization we are working in, charity, socializing with friends and strangers or just simply being in love. We lock our hearts in order to not let anyone in who wishes to see our light or dark soul, or in a simple way to put it – our vulnerability. We are proud individuals whether to being aloof or showing extrovertly because subconsciously we believe being vulnerable is a fear or something beautiful.

To unlock our hearts, there are a lot of duplicate keys out in the open and has been spread to the world since the beginning of time before you and I are even born whether we believe in reincarnations or not. Any individuals could come into our lives and has a key and tries unlocking our hearts to sees our souls and the options we choose could be either inviting them in as our guests or just kick the intruders' butt out of the door (heart).

We invite them into our heart where we feel all kinds of aches much like a physical door. Our heart are filled with smoothness of love and gentle care of happiness; or proudness of achievements and pride of determination much like a door when it is smoothly painted with beautiful colours and securely changing locks and oiling it to perfection that it stands beautiful and proudly strong to the world like a proud peacock spreading its feathers for individuals to see. However, our hearts could alternatively be filled with sadness of despair and anger of frustrations; or mumbles of regrets and pains of jealousy much like a door that has been abandoned with scraps of woods and decorations of cobwebs and rust be seen to the world where perhaps an innocent child with expressive eyes would look at it and wondered, "Why isn't the master taking care of his poor door?"

A lock is a symbol of a mini Pandora box in the making but manageable in a way because every individual in this world do wish that one day we will unlock our hearts to invite in more opportunities or risks that could lead to happiness or sadness.

What or who will unlock your heart in the end?