"W.D. Club!"

Chapter 3 – Head Start:

"Where did Akiko go?" Gentarou wondered, as he and Sayuri entered the club room.

"I'm not sure, but she said that she would be a little late today."

"I see..." Gentarou replied, as the two of them sat down on the chairs next to each other in front of the couple of tables that were joined together.

"Nee, Gentarou, how are you fitting in the school?"

"I'm fine. Everything's normal, except for a couple of nutjobs."

"Don't be like that." Sayuri whined. "Akiko isn't as crazy as you make her out. And I know I'm not as normal because I'm actually supporting her, but-"

"I never said..." Gentarou interrupted, focusing his eyes on her. "...that I wanted it to be normal."


"Sure, at first I thought that a school life was supposed to be normal, and then suddenly this club forcefully draws me in. At first, I thought it was insane, and sure, Akiko is still crazy like hell, but... I still like her nutjob sidekick with the cheery attitude and the beautiful eyes..." Gentarou suddenly blushed as he noticed what he had just said. "I-I mean...?!" He looked at Sayuri, embarrassed, only to find her blushing.

"R-Really? Beautiful... Eyes?"

"Y-Yeah..." Gentarou nodded, as both looked away. The room fell silent for some seconds until both spoke in unison.

"Eto...! Eh? You first. No, no, you first, please!"

After some seconds, they couldn't continue to keep in the laughter and gazed at one another.

"It sounds like we never stopped being together..." Sayuri confessed, referring to the three years they were obligated to stay apart.

"Yeah..." Gentarou spoke back. They looked down, trying to hide their blushes from one another, but still smiling.

Then, in a swift motion, with a determined passion, Gentarou stood up and got close to Sayuri, placing his hands on her jaw lines, obligating her to looks up. Somewhat confused, she gazed into his eyes, full of determination, and with a red blush of nervousness. Her blush was of a soft pink color and she looked shy, and somewhat anxious.

Gentarou attempted to close in in order to clash his lips against hers, but-


Sayuri opened her eyes in confusion, finding Gentarou sat down on the chair, reading some manga, hiding his crimson blush.

"Oh, hi Akiko." Sayuri spoke, still blushing.

"Sorry I'm late, but I brought us a brand new member for the club."

Gentarou turned in surprise. "A new member? There was someone crazy enough to join us?"

"Indeed." A boy appeared from inside the hallway. He entered the room, in order to present himself.

He possessed thick glasses and his hair was of a purplish color. He wore the school uniform, meaning that he wore the same clothes as Gentarou.

"This is Makoto Kei. He is the ace of science and has the best grades in the whole school!"

"Oh yeah, I heard about him. He's the geek from Class B of our year." Gentarou spoke, and immediately regretted his words. "N-Not that you're a geek or-"

"Don't worry. That's how I want people to see me as."

"Come again?" Gentarou and Sayuri asked in unison, somewhat astonished.

Kei suddenly took out his jacket, placed the glasses on his forehead, somehow changing his expression. He pulled back his straight hair, which made his look change completely. He opened his buttoned shirt and rolled up his sleeves. He quickly took out a cigarette and lit it.

"Much better." Kei spoke as he released the smoke out of his mouth.

Sayuri and Gentarou were completely wide eyed. Gentarou muttered.

"W-W-What the hell just happened…?"

"What?" Kei asked. "Dude, if you don't smoke, that's fine, but don't be like that every time I do this."

"He's not talking about the smoking." Sayuri informed, sharing the same opinion. "He's referring to your sudden change in appearance."

"Well, get used to it, baby doll." Kei spoke, confusing Sayuri and infuriating Gentarou.

"And the attitude?" he interjected.

"Oh, that? Yeah, this is basically the true me. The geek is just a disguise."

"And why do you do that in the first place?" Sayuri was curious regarding the matter.

"Meh. Would you prefer to give a 100% to a normal geek, or to a jackass like me?"

"He's got me there." Gentarou spoke, throwing his arms up.

"I caught him in the act of smoking with his hair back after class and obligated him to join the club." Akiko informed, with a mocking smile.

"Meh. I like the idea of dominating the world. I'd like to help. But… whose ass do I have to kick in order to get some uranium around here? I don't train in secret for nothing."

"Coolest geek ever!" Akiko exclaimed, making the other three sweatdrop.

"She's always this crazy?"

"She's nicer than she makes it out." Sayuri assured.

"And crazier than you think." Gentarou added.

"This coming from the first two members." Kei replied, making Gentarou fall to the side. "Whether you like it or not, this is a crazy people magnet."

"So, what are your special talents?" Akiko asked, sitting down on a chair, crossing her legs, prepared to write down on a little notebook.

"…Akiko, where did you get the suit?" Sayuri asked, honestly mystified.

"And when and how did you steal my glasses?"

"Teehee! Not telling!" Akiko prepared the pen once again. "So, special talents?"

"Well, I guess school, problem solving, guessing cup sizes with a single grope-"

"Wait, what?!" Gentarou and Sayuri yelled in unison.

"Oh yeah. It's one of my uncanny abilities. Allow me to demonstrate." Before any of the three of them could blink, Kei moved in and Sayuri released a yelp.


"Wow, who knew? C cup. You're bustier then you look."

"Hey, watch it dude!" Gentarou spoke, placing himself in front of Sayuri, who blushed intensely due to the comment."

"Wow! Do me next, do me next!" Akiko asked, seeming somewhat enthusiastic.

"Alright then." Kei approached the Club President and placed his hand over her left breast. "B Cup. Not bad."

"Wow, he's right!" Akiko exclaimed. "Sayuri, did he guess yours right too?"

"…He did."

Gentarou tried to get rid of Kei. "Get the hell out of here you- Wait, really? C cup?"


Gentarou stayed silent for a moment. "Hey, Kei, got any more tricks up your sleeve?"

"Gen-chan!" she slapped the back of his head, blushing madly, with tears at the corners of her eyes. Of course, the tears were out of nervousness.


"Well, anyway, I believe I am accepted in the Club."

"Wait! Up until now, the only thing you've done to me is… groping my breast. Why do you think I accept you here in the first place?" Sayuri asked, hidden behind Gentarou, blushing quite a bit.

"First, you look nice enough to overlook my perverted action, and second, I can solve all of your homework for free."

"Kei, welcome to the club!" Sayuri shook his hand, making everyone else sweatdrop.

The next week, Tuesday, lunch time…

"Akiko-san, give me back my pudding, please!"

Akiko stuck her tongue out at Kei. "It's mine now!"

"You know, he's a pretty good actor."

Sayuri nodded. "Taking into account he bought the pudding for her."

"I call for the attention of all the students!"

The four of them turned to the origin of the sound.

A girl with bronze-colored hair and wearing the bright uniform of honor spoke up. Her blue eyes were hypnotizing.

"Who is she?" Sayuri asked.

"Beats me." Gentarou confessed, he turned to Kei and Akiko and became somewhat surprised by seeing Akiko glaring at the girl. It was a bit of a friendly glare, but still, it was serious.

Kei was the one to answer. "That's Rei Rika, the student council president."

"We already have a president?" Sayuri was somewhat surprised.

"She was immediately selected due to her perfect curriculum of the 9th grade. She accepted it, and since no one else wanted the job, no one minded."

"I see…" Gentarou then turned to Akiko. "Akiko, what's the matter? You haven't stopped glaring at the girl."

"Of course I haven't! She's my worst enemy!"

The three members spoke in unison by coincidence. "WHAT?!"

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