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I'm just looking for a reason.

I'm not trying to commit treason.

I know it may be hard to believe

but please don't just leave.

I know it's all been said and done before

in this seemingly never-ending war.

Now that it finally reached its end

just how are we supposed to mend?

Everything is completely broken

and all the evil demons have awoken.

Everything is covered in fire

and everyone is accused of being a liar.

Everyone is filled with doubt.

All of them believe death is the only way out.

So what are we supposed to do

when nothing can be fixed with just glue.

Maybe now you will believe me.

Maybe now you'll see as I see.

I said I wasn't trying to commit treason.

I'm just looking for the reason.

I just want to know why.

Why all these people had to needlessly cry.