Seig hiel to this tyranny of torture,
Saunter through your broken bloody orchard,
To reap what you sow,
You aren't just let go.

See, you planted these seeds
With compassion equal to Jason Vorhees,
Don't tell me every kid goes through this.

If you just took a walk in my shoes,
It's a sick, wretched road that you choose,
All the while his hate and sorrow grows like a cyst,
Gets home, lip bloody, eyes amist.

Prepare to throw stones,
Anyone who's never seen one of these drones
in the designated torture zones

Where their blows end with yelps.
No one responds but you're crying for help.
But it only eggs them on,
Think it'd be better when they're gone...


And in your mind a Gregorian chant, some
Final end-all battle anthem.

He's right, it ends tonight,
The final fight, time to
Teach the lesson I was taught,
Only might makes right after all.

Then they scream and they yelp,
But it's too late for help,
Now they run and they yell,
But they taught me too well,
Cause tonight we all go to Hell.


Wait... It's Mr. Peters,
The only teacher to ever stand
Up to the beaters

To tell them "Get lost!"
Mr. Peters, I'm lost
Maybe this would be a lesson
But too high a cost

They need the compassion they lost
Not another holocaust.

My heart starts to defrost,
I drop to my knees,
Oh God help me please!

What we need isn't blood,
Only common decency.