Hello dear Reader, and welcome to the new and inproved version of In The End!Changes include the removal of a stupid character, removal of a stupid prologue, and a longer story that wasn't rushed.

Chapter 1 – Surprise.

Smells are the first thing I'm aware of. I can smell wood, and some kind of fabric. There's mould, but not much. I can smell loads of other things – plants and trees, sweat, rubber and plastic, breath, meat, water, leather, some kind of chemical which gives me a bad feeling, metal, soil and stone, hair, another type of breath, -
Something isn't right.
Suddenly, a picture forms in my mind. I can see the inside of a room, with a wooden floor, curtains on the wall, a garden with a stone path outside, two unconscious bodies, a rucksack next to the younger one, and under the floor there is some mould, and insects. In another room in this building there is a fridge, with food inside. The unconscious people have been anaesthetized, knocked out by a chemical punch.
What is wrong?
It's not even a proper picture. I could see things that I shouldn't be able too – outside, through the walls and floor, and inside bodies -
The picture is gone, and it is replaced by a rapid succession of new ones, that are somehow... smaller. Close-ups.
Leather shoes, a laptop inside the rucksack, a rolling landscape of trees, bushes and open grass, with a stone path winding through it (this picture is larger than the others, more like a landscape photo than a macro one.), a feeling of terror and bright lights, and a people dressed in white leaning over me, and -
The slideshow of smell-pictures cuts out and I become aware of sounds. Birds singing, those unconscious people breathing, wind, and water gurgling, and something humming in the distance, both high-pitched and incredibly low at the same time.
Somehow, the sounds seem louder than they should. I feel like I can hear too well. Maybe it's the contrast between the silence before, and now. And the smells – I can smell everything.
Something is very wrong.
I haven't opened my eyes yet.
But I know what I'll see when I do.
I open my eyes. With the sudden stimulus of light, touch and balance return. I'm lying on the floor, on my side. There are two unconscious people in front of me, but they're further apart than I thought.
The room is big, and has a high ceiling. It seems to be hallway of an old mansion.
Something is still not right, and the nagging feeling of wrongness is getting stronger.
One of the people – the one on the left, the younger one, lets out a groan.
The feeling intensifies.
He shifts slightly, groans a bit, and after about thirty seconds, the other person does the same.
Another half-minute or so passes, and eventually they both sit up.
The feeling intensifies. Into two feelings. Something is wrong with me, and something is wrong with the people who are now staring at me, wide-eyed.
I try and speak, to say 'hello', but my mouth won't work properly, and feels strange.
Colour is washed out, and everything is too bright. Not painfully bright, but brighter than it should be.
The feeling intensifies.
What is going on? I think.
The two people jump, and glance around, before staring at each other.
"Did you say that?" whispered the one on the right, the older one.
The whisper was too loud. I could hear it too well.
The feeling intensified.
"No." the one on the left whispered back.
"Someone said 'what is going on'. It echoed. It wasn't us." said the one on the right, still in a whisper.
The feeling intensified.
What? I thought. I was now awake enough to realise I had felt groggy. And still did.
They both jumped again (it was more of a flinch), and had another look around.
"They just said 'what'." Whispered the one on the left.
"I know." Whispered the one the right.
But that was me. Thinking. I thought.
The feeling intensified.
"Who?" asked the one on the right. Speaking louder this time.
Me. I'm right in front of you. And I'm thinking. Inside my head.
The feeling intensified.
"But you're a dog." said the one on the right.
What? How can you hear my thoughts?
The feeling intensified.
They both just stared.
I tried to sit up. My body didn't want to co-operate. It seemed to suddenly change shape as I moved.
The feeling intensified.
I looked down at myself.
The feeling broke.
I wasn't a human.
I was a wolf.

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