Summary: It was on a day when the snow wouldn't stop falling and the smell of blood filled the air. On that day a little kid was found holding a katana that was larger than his own body. His eyes empty, his hands stained with blood and tears that wouldn't stop falling like the snow outside, he only had one person in his sight. His savior. The one who dragged him from that hell. From that day, Rei threw away his past and lived only for the sake of this man. But Rei also has something he wants to find out, the truth about what happened in his past. And what he finds, will test his loyalty to the man he swore everything to. How far will he go to protect what they have?

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Volume One: Chapters 1 - 5
Volume Two: Chapters 6 - 10
Volume Three: Chapters 11 - 15
Volume Four: Chapter 16 - 20
Volume Five: Chapter 21 -25

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Gender Bender,
Martial Arts, Romance, Tragedy

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That night, the snow continuously fell, as if trying to mask the stench of death.

With my dad's prized katana in my hand, I dragged it behind me as I frantically searched for someone...anyone. When my body had long passed its physical limit and my mind had broken mentally, I fell headfirst down in the snow, with my conscious fading in and out. So this was it? Was this how far I would go? I cringed, my hands clutching the freezing snow. I didn't know. Was I always this weak? I looked down at my trembling hands and realized for the first time how small and useless they were. Like this, was I going to die? But even if I did survive, I no longer had a reason to live. Everyone was gone, they had all left me alone.

As I was on verge of taking my last breath, he showed up, a child...maybe only a few years older than me. His middle-length hair as white as the snow, his gray eyes that looked like the clouds in the storm, it was a beauty that I didn't understand at that time. Even though he was smiling and had a gentle expression, his eyes told a different story. It was filled with despair, sadness and a cruelness that would make anyone shiver. "Do you need a reason to continue living?" He reached out his hand to me with a smile. "Revenge? To get stronger? If you don't have a reason then it's fine. Be mine. Move for my sake."

Revenge? For some reason, that silly idea made me laugh. But the little boy in front of me with his hands reaching out...something made me feel as if I had to grab him. I didn't think about who he was or why he was here. The me who felt so empty, breathing had been already painful enough. My tiny hand wrapped around his long finger, like a baby who was attached to the first person they saw after being born. I knew then and there that I would do anything for him.

With my heart filled with a new purpose I threw away my past, my humanity, everything that I was and followed a stranger. The only possession I had with me was the katana that my Dad treasured. Its name Fuyuki.

Dad. Mom. I know you wanted me to grow up to become someone who fought to protect people, but a thing like that isn't possible in this time we live in. Even though you both were always strict, you gave me warmth and a happiness I could never forget. But now, those days have become nothing but static memories and soon even those memories will fade.

"Reimei, for a while you're going to go with him. He's going to train you in a lot of things and when he thinks you're ready, you'll come live with me. Until then you absolutely must follow all his orders, promise?"

"Okay..." I looked up at the tall man and his wild eyes and right then and there, I knew that my life would never be the same. As long as I had him, my savior, then everything would be alright. Right?

He smiled and rustled my hair with his big hand. "The most important thing you must remember is..."

A year passed. I was tested to see if I was suitable to fight the Akatsu. If I wanted to stay by his side, then I had to pass it no matter what. As I stared at the trembling guy in front of me and held the knife awkwardly in my hand, I had only then realized that whatever I had to wouldn't be anything pleasant.

The guy was tied to a chair and gagged. "Oi kid, hurry up and kill him! Don't make us wait too long or we'll lose our patience." Yeah! Yeah! The other man surrounding us yelled. "Who knows what we'll do if we get bored," my trainer said continuing. They all laughed.

I was scared, like the guy that was trembling pathetically, knowing his life was in danger. But I was scared for a different reason, what I was scared of was what the guy that towered over me was going to do if I didn't kill this man. "W-what's his name?" I asked them. "Did he do anything bad?"

"Bad? No, no, nothing bad. Not that I know of," my trainer said. "Hey, guys. Do you know if he's done anything bad?" They shook their heads. "See, nothing bad."

I took a step forward to the tied up guy. I knew that if I didn't kill him, they'll just kill him and then probably me. Why? Because he wasn't blindfolded. Anyone who saw the faces of these assassins never escaped their clutches. It was kill or be killed. I wanted to take a step back, I wanted to run and run as far as I could. But I didn't dare. I had to be accepted by them so I could join the organization.

Getting closer to the guy I could hear his deep breathing and when he saw me walking towards him with the knife in my hand, his eyes widened. Without closing my eyes, I raised my knife slightly, took a deep breath and aimed. "I won't say…that I'm sorry." Because I don't deserve your forgiveness.

That was the first person I killed and I was only eleven years old. I never found out what his name was, only that he had a daughter. How did I know that? The screams of a girl that filled the air that night while I was in my room, told me clearly that the guy I killed wasn't the only one they dragged here for entertainment. I didn't sleep that night.

A curved, single-edged katana with its sharpness was able to cut through anything, even metal. And most of all when cutting through flesh, you could hear the swoosh as it swiftly sliced or pierced through. It was a weapon only meant for killing. Those who thought of it as a means to protect others are those who didn't know about the cruelness of this world.

My world that was once pure colored, was stained with red. A crimson liquid that consumed the person I used to be.

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Kanzaki Organization

Kanzaki Reimei / Shimizu Mana
Kanzaki Seimei
Kanzaki Raiden
Kanzaki Karin
Toyoda Shiro
Kanzaki Ranmaru
Kanzaki Yoshiteru


Himura Zen
Himura Yuko
Ai / Kai

Imperial House

Amemiya Sayako
Kazuya Kamito
Yamamoto Tsukihito
Tokieda Akira
Kato Arata

Council Members

1st Seat - Mikage: Isuzu
2nd Seat - Shinonome Family: Saiki, Aoki
3rd Seat - Mikazuchi: Hagane
4th Seat - Ninomiya Family: Shin
5th Seat - Amemiya: Kiyo, Chikane
6th Seat - Sakurai Family: Tatsuo, Takeo


Fake Zen
Mana's Parents
Abe no Seimei