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I looked up from my book, towards the playpen where I'd left Ashley and his baby brother napping. I smiled warmly, my one-year-old son Liam was sitting up, rubbing his eyes sleepily. "Hi sweetie," I said and stood from the couch. I wrapped my arms around Liam's small torso and pulled him up out of the playpen. Liam rested his head against my shoulder placing the tip of his thumb into his mouth. "Did you have a nice nap baby?" I asked.

Liam just looked up at me with soft, baby blue eyes, a lock of caramel brown hair falling across his eyes.

"Muma," he said again and smiled up at me. "I sweepy muma,"

I balanced him against my hip and carried him into the kitchen. "Do you want a snack Li?" I asked kissing his soft hair tenderly.

He nodded and nuzzled closer to me. "Smack," he said and began to bounce up and down in my arms.

I opened the fridge. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Razberry," he said, his small voice demanding.

I smiled and pulled out the container of raspberries moving over to the island and setting him in his high chair.

"Razberry, razberry!" he cried excitedly as I opened the boxed and poured a few of the plump red berries onto the tray of his high chair.

He smacked the tray happily and bounced the raspberries around, squishing a few in the process. I just laughed and put the container back in the fridge.

He lifted some of the berries to his mouth and chewed happily. "Mama?" I heard Ashley ask from the living room.

I kissed Liam's forehead and walked back into the living room. "You're awake now too?" I asked as Ashley said up, rubbing his eyes a little as he sat up.

"Where's Li?" Ashley asked, holding up his arms for me to pick him up.

"I put him in the kitchen with his favorite snack, he just woke up right before you. " I said, kissing his cheek lightly.

"Is daddy home yet?" Ashley asked.

"He had to take Yuki to a doctor's appointment and then they were going to run and do a little grocery shopping," I said pulling him up and out. "Alec and Tobi are coming over for dinner tonight so he was going to stop by and pick them up on his way home."

Ashley giggled as I set him on the floor and clapped his hands happily.

Jarrod came wondering into the living room looking like he'd just rolled out of bed himself. "You know your kid is throwing raspberries." He said nonchalantly as he came forward and scooped up Ashley.

I sighed and walked back into the kitchen.

I found that it really was difficult to be a mother, but it was also one of the most rewarding jobs.

Kazuma and I had already begun to train Ashley in a few of the basic fields of self-defense and had put him into karate after he turned four. Ashley didn't seem to have kept many of the powers he'd exhibited from the womb, and even if he had, they hadn't manifested yet. He was just like a normal little kid except for the occasional levitating of his favorite toys and levitating his brother's toys to make him happy when he cried. Liam didn't seem to have any powers at all, but I was happy for that, one magical child was enough for me.

Liam was tossing the raspberries up into the air, giggling and smiling happily. "Razberry!" he shouted when I came into the room.

"Sweetie, you are supposed to eat the raspberry not play with them." I said, leaning down to kiss his forehead lightly and steal one of the raspberries he hadn't thrown yet. I tossed it into my mouth and smiled at my baby.

Liam stared up at me. "Muma took razberry," he said.

"No, mama ate the razberry. See," I said pickup another and holding it to his lips. "Open,"

He looked at the raspberry then opened up and I popped it into his mouth. He chewed slowly, staring up at me then smiled when he swallowed.

I heard the front door open. "I'm home and I brought company," Kazuma called.

I smiled and lifted my baby up out of the high chair. "Guess who's home?"

"Who?" Liam asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Daddy!" Ashley cried as I carried his little brother into the living room. "Daddy!"

Jarrod instantly put him down and let him run to Kazuma. "Hey buddy," Kazuma said as Alec and Tobi came in behind him, holding hands. Kazuma pulled Ashley up into his arms as Liam squirmed out of my arms.

"Dada," Liam said and toddled over to Kazuma.

Kazuma smiled and leaned down, pulling him up into his other arm. "Hey Li, why are you covered in raspberries?" he asked.

"Razberry!" Liam cried and wrapped his arms around his daddy's neck.

"He was having a little too much fun with his snack." I said and Kazuma smiled and leaned down to kiss my lips gently.

"Did you get the groceries?" I asked.

Kazuma nodded. "I'm getting ready to go out and get them, and Yuki feel asleep in the car on the way home so I was going to carry him in."

"I've got it," Jarrod said. "Heaven forbid I rip you two love birds apart."

I laughed lightly and stretched up on my tippy toes to kiss him again. Ashley giggled and wrapped his arms around my neck. I took him gently from his dad, and pulled him against my chest. "No mommy, no kisses for daddy," Ashley said, giggling.

"Why not Ash?" Kazuma asked.

"Your late!" Ashley said and buried his face into my neck laughing.

I laughed and leaned up to kiss Kazuma again, letting our lips linger a little longer.


"Alex will you please go get your brothers up?" Zack asked, looking back at our eldest son while we worked over breakfast for dinner, the pack's favorite.

"Aw, dad, you know Kira will hit me if I try to wake him up," Alex complained, looking up from his comic. "He hates being woken up,"

"Alex, he's your little brother, just go snuggle him until he wakes up." I said, smiling back at my eldest.

"But mom,"

I gave him a slight glare and he was on his feet instantly. "That's my boy," I said.

Zack leaned over and pecked my cheek as he moved more bacon off onto the plate on the counter beside him. "Are we going to take Sasha out for some shifting practice this evening?"

"If he can manage a shift today," I said, giggling a little.

"We haven't even seen his wolf form yet." Zack said, staring out of the window at the back yard where Senri and Ryan were chasing each other around, two of our new pack members, Jessie and Savannah, watching them and Kai and Ritsu were near them, keep a close eye on their mates.

I heard the patter of little feet and turned just in time to see my baby come teetering down the stairs. Sasha was my little miracle. I'd been so worried about what kind of power he was going to have because of what he was able to do from the womb, but he was a perfectly normal baby from what we had seen so far.

"Hey Sasha," I said, abandoning the pancakes for a moment to go scoop my baby up.

"Mama," he said, smiling at me, his baby blue eyes alight with happiness, and locks of mocha brown hair falling in his eyes. "Mama, hungry,"

I smiled and kissed his forehead. "I bet you are, you and Kira slept through lunch."

I carried him over to his high chair and buckled him in. Kira and Alex came down not to long after, hand in hand.

"Did you have a nice nap Ki?" I asked going back to the pancakes.

Kira nodded, rubbing his eyes as he moved to the dining table. Alex grabbed his comic and his baby brother and followed.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, but only a little, I loved that my boys were so close, it was tough to separate them sometimes.

I put more batter on the skillet and leaned against Zack, he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Why don't you go ahead and set the table? I've got this," he said and brushed his lips against mine.

I nodded and nuzzled his neck before moving to the cabinet.

Things had been so peaceful for so long. I looked at the boys, I was so relieved that the vampire had actually kept his word and dealt with Conner, now they could grow up without the threat of a vengeful family member after them, and I didn't have to worry about my little omega.

I grabbed the silverware and as I stared to walk towards the dining room, Sasha sneezed in Alex's lap and suddenly, there wasn't a little boy sitting in his lap, but a small mocha ball of fur.

Alex jumped and nearly threw the little guy onto the floor. Kira and I both just laughed.

Sasha was so small but so fluffy, I almost couldn't find those familiar glowing green eyes that were our packs trademark. I set the plates down and picked up the shaking little ball of fur. "Zack," I called. "You've gotta get in here," I said, still laughing, poor little Sasha looked so scared but he was so adorable.

Zack came running around the corner. "What's wrong?" He asked, concern dripping from his voice.

"Look at what happened when Sasha sneezed." I said, cradling the small bundle of fur, to my chest.

"Little brother is so adorable," Kira giggled. "Aw, mommy he's scared," he said when he noticed Sasha was shaking.

Zack came over to us and gently took Sasha into his arms. "It's okay sweetie, your safe, you just need to calm yourself down," he soothed, rubbing his big hand against Sasha's small back.

It took him a few minutes, but after his breathing stopped being so near hyperventilation, I was again holding my small baby in my arms.

"Oh shit, I'm burning the bacon," Zack cursed and rushed back into the kitchen.

"Language," I called after him but Alex and Kira just giggled.

I rubbed Sasha back and kissed his forehead with a gentle pressure. "I can't believe all he did was sneeze and he phased." Alex said.

Sasha nuzzled against my chest and closed his eyes. "Alex, will you hold him while I finish setting the table?" I requested.

Alex took back his little brother happily and Kira began to tickle the little guy to make him smile. I began to set the table as sounds of laugher filled the room.