Chapter 1

I freaking hate this place. It's cramped, smelly, dirty, grungy and just all around unattractive. Just sitting on my cot feels like I'm laying on a bed of roaches which, on occasion, it has been. No one calls you a girl and harasses you more then when you wake up screaming because there's a giant freaking cockroach on your chest with its filthy little antennas touching your chin. I still get the shivers just thinking about it.

Still, this place isn't all bad. I have three square meals a day and plenty of exercise beating the crap out of the men in the yard. Greasy slime balls are so intent on groping any female they see even I appear to be a viable option. Not that I'm ugly by any means. I mean I have the captivating blue eyes, flowing black hair and hourglass figure any man would desire but I'm on the top of the prison food chain. And a diagnosed narcissist but apparently that doesn't help with an insanity plea.

No one likes a girl who can fight back in Balam (the city I'm from that's named after a demon from hell) but here in Haven Penitentiary I'm freaking prime rib next to the other choice of 'Bubba' bending you over your cot and taking you from behind. So I can't really be mad at the creeps who want to 'enjoy my company' now then can I? Plus it gives me an opportunity to keep in shape. I can't exactly have people calling me fat or anything.

Still today is my last day in here since I've been on 'good behaviour' which in Haven means I never started the fights I only finished them.

The door to my cell swung open letting the guard come in to cuff my hands. He was a brawny one I'll give him that. He might have actually been a half decent opponent if I put up a fight but considering I was getting out today there wasn't a chance in hell that I would possibly pull away or resist his demands. A fucking riot could break out and I'd still do what the guard said just to leave this filth ridden prison. Well if he had a handsome face under that mask I might not resist either but since half his face was shielded from me I figured I might as well play along. No point flirting only to find out he looked like a science experiment gone wrong. Frankenstein comes to mind.

Walking past some of the more dangerous criminals I smiled at them except Sarah. Sarah had become the closest thing that I had to a friend in here so to her I gave a seductive wink and a "call me when you get out."

We had never done anything due to the fact I am strictly straight but she laughed and told me to tell her boyfriend "Bear" she missed him. Of course that was never going to happen since "Bear" was far to likely to get me killed in some biker war and though I'm not often on the right side of the law I prefer Haven to dead.

The walk out took forever since I was housed on like the fifteenth floor underground and once I got to the front exit they took their sweet time to give me my dismissal papers and the clothes I had been caught in.

There was no way I would be caught dead in this baggy, tacky, orange jump suit out in the real world so I stripped right then and there. The officers didn't seem to mind, well excluding the girl who watched me from the doorway with a frown. I couldn't see her eye's behind the visor but I could easily imagine a pretty massive scowl at my antics.

Either way getting out of that disgusting one piece felt great and I was more than thrilled to be back in my miniskirt, hooker boots, and tank top that only came down to my navel. Please don't judge, it's not my usual attire but I got caught by the cops when I was in the middle of nabbing the bastards who weren't giving me the proper amount of my profits.

Now that I was "properly" dressed I strode out the prison doors and through the massive stone and metal gates to see Eirik waiting with the car. That man is my most trusted adviser and the closest thing I have to family. Not that I don't have a family or anything. I just see Eirik a hell of a lot more often.

Eirik is about six and a half feet of pure muscle with a grumpy attitude and a rather dismal outlook on life which makes him perfect for being my advisor and body guard. Everyone is scared of the Balam Gangs Tactical Division who were a department of the police force that were authorized to use any method necessary to stop crime, but a Viking with a gun is pretty bone chilling too. Not to mention he's quite good at making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Running towards Eirik I jumped up and hugged him tightly. Even in hooker boots I was still slightly to short to hug him without a little jump.

"Eirik I missed you," I told him emphatically. "And I had a brilliant idea for a new drug. We are going to corner the market and take out the Filii Mortis and the Russian Cartel! Now please tell me you brought me proper clothes and a grilled cheese sandwich. I'm starving."

Setting me down on the ground Eirik gave me a rare smile before opening the car door and replying, "I missed you too, little one. I'm glad to hear you've put your year to good use and your clothes are waiting in the back seat now please get in."

"Very well," I replied as I climbed into the back seat of the Range Rover in my horrible hooker boots. Eirik closed the door behind me and went around the vehicle to hop in the drivers side. I was mildly disappointed by the lack of grilled cheese, but I was thankful to see Eirik again.

Looking at the seat next to me I saw the pile of leather and denim clothing that Eirik had brought me and smiled in delight. Ah how that man knew me.

Slipping out of the hooker-ific outfit, yes I made the word up don't judge, I slid into a pair of jeans and a leather jacket before I tossed my hooker boots out the car window and pulled on the lovely combat boots that had switch blades in the toes. How I missed those boots in Haven. Some of the more dangerous criminals got to keep their hideous outfits even though they were clearly not prison gear. I should count my blessings though; if I was stuck in those hooker clothes the whole year I was there I would have gotten even more unwanted male attention.

Once the boots were out of the car window we were gone from Haven with Eirik putting the pedal to the metal as it were. We flew down the dark and twisted road until we hit the open streets of Balam. Well open might not be the best word for the streets of Balam but there was more room than the country road that went to Haven Penitentiary had that's for sure.

Looking out the windows of the Range Rover at the familiar run down streets I spotted many criminals hurrying from corner to corner in attempts to hide from Balam Gangs Tactical Division (BGTD) and it brought a little bit of warmth to my blackened heart. This city hadn't changed much since the BGTD was instated. Crime wasn't down it was just done less openly and the cost of drugs went up as danger increased. The one thing I never understood about Balam was how the city kept rebuilding after every major killing spree that gangs went on. Terrorist blew up buildings in an attempt to rally support against the government leaving thousands of innocent people dead and dying. Gangs killed each other in massive shootings in the middle of downtown. Casualties were a constantly growing number but the population never shifted much. It was like a never ending population of people flooded into the city and construction workers never EVER had a day off.

Still I had lived here all my life and soon the city will be under my control. This is where I should go 'MWAHAHAHA' but that just feels cliché.

With my newest drug I plan to have the whole city under my control when no one wants what the other fools are selling. The Russian Cartel seem to think that the Filii Mortis leader, Nero, is their biggest problem. Well wait until they get a load of me. I'm going to take everything from the cartel. The men, the warehouses, the distribution network and their hideout just to send a message. And after I get rid of the Russians I'll take out Nero's shitty gang.

I don't particularly have anything against Nero outside of his shitty stage name. I get it you're gang has a thing for Rome. He really didn't need to name himself after a murderous psycho to get that across. But no one has ever actually seen Nero's face since he wears a mask so it's probably an alias for his own protection rather than a choice. He has one hell of a body though. Ripped but not in a creepy way like a comic book character or a body builder. He's more like a gymnast that lifts weights on occasion. My spies have gotten me a few pictures that make my mouth water. That man wears a biker jacket like no one else.

As much as I dislike Nero, except his body, he doesn't deal to children and neither do I but he takes a lot of what will be my profit and I want to be the head of the organized drug trade in Balam. Once he can't handle the competition I'll take him out myself. I can't wait to see exactly what's on top of that sexy body and under that mask.

"Jeeves," I called to Eirik teasingly, "please stop the car. I feel like getting myself a refreshing beverage and perhaps a glimpse at the Task Force. I have it on good authority that the Russian Cartel is throwing a party for the Filii Mortis and you know how I love a good party. Never a dull moment."

Rolling his eyes and grumbling something under his breath Eirik parked next to a convenience store before turning back to look at me to say, "don't get hurt. It's been hell running things without you around. And don't call me Jeeves you spoiled little brat."

"Hey!" I retorted ever so wittily, "that's no way to speak to your peers! Now behave Jeeves and don't forget to put money in the meter. Can't have a ticket on my first day out."

And with that I hopped out of the car and headed into the convenience store while Eirik was stuck in the car muttering about how I'm only twenty one and in no way his peer. He's only twenty seven so really age doesn't matter I'm just a better manipulator and man handler, if you know what I mean...

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