Chatroom Romance

Spirit logged onto her computer and waited for her homepage to come up. She had to share her news with her friend as soon as possible. It was so important that he know! It was life or death! Well, maybe not life or death, but it was super important.

Silverstorm12: Hey, Eradork!

Dragonsword24: I'm Dragon, not Eragon.

Silverstorm12: Eragon rode a dragon! Anyway, guess what!

Dragonsword24: What?

Silverstorm12: I talked to him today! I'm soooooo happy!

Dragonsword24: You did?

Silverstorm12: Would I lie about this? I've only been crushing on the guy for a year now!

Dragonsword24: I know. Sometimes I really regret asking why you had been so excited that one day he waved at you in the hall. So, what did you two talk about?

Silverstorm12: Well, I didn't actually 'talk to him' talk to him. I dropped my pencil case and he helped pick up my pens. I said thanks, blushing the entire time, and he said "You're welcome." Eep! We sort of talked!

Dragonsword24: That's what you consider a conversation? That's just sad.

Silverstorm12: Says the guy who told me that I'm his best friend. Dude, it's just pathetic.

Dragonsword24: Hey! I thought I was your best friend too!

Silverstorm12: You are! That just makes this so much worse! I have no life! :(

Dragonsword24: Me neither. So, what are you going to do about him?

Silverstorm12: Well . . . I was hoping you had an idea or two . . .

Dragonsword24: *sigh* I've only got one. Tell him you've got a crush on him and ask him out already!

Silverstorm12: *hits Eradork with a pillow* No!

Dragonsword24: *cringes in fake pain* Ow! Stop with the pillows!

Dragonsword24: Oh, I've gotta go. My roommate needs the computer.

Silverstorm12: Later Eradork!

Dragonsword24: It's Dragon! *sighs* Why do I even bother?

Silverstorm12: Because I'm your best friend. L8R!

Spirit logged off the chat room and sat back in her chair. It was weird that she trusted Dragon Sword with so much personal information. He knew that she liked Jordan, a guy who attended her boarding school. She also told him that she attended a boarding school. How stupid was that? But apparently he attended one too. So . . . was it okay to talk to him?

Spirit shook the thoughts from her mind. It was much too late to wish she hadn't met him on her favorite fantasy role playing site, Mythic Fortress. In the game, she was a powerful sorceress who had singlehandedly defeated the Dark Ring's army of evil knights. Dragon Sword was a warrior who had slain the fierce Ice Giant of the North. They met during a siege on the Arc Castle.

They ditched the battle halfway through because they didn't like the plan (the battle was subsequently lost because the plan sucked). Spirit and Dragon had chatted for about two hours about their past missions before deciding to go on a hunt together. They wiped out a troll colony that had been terrorizing a small village and became best friends. That had been about two months ago.

Spirit had started confiding in Dragon, telling him about the crush she harbored for Jordan. He actually paid attention to her rants instead of brushing her off. He told her a few things about him as well, including his slight crush on a girl at his boarding school. Though he hadn't told her the girl's name . . . hmm . . .

Spirit grabbed a textbook out of her bag and started reading the pages she had been neglecting for the last two days. It was awful that she had been procrastinating just so she could talk to Dragon.

The next day, Spirit was running late for her first class. She had started talking to Dragon again around eleven the night before and had overslept. As she was running, she crashed into someone turning the corner.

"Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry!" she apologized. As Spirit bent to pick up her bag, which had slipped off her shoulder during the impact, another hand covered hers as they reached for the strap. Spirit glanced up to see none other than Jordan staring down at her.

"Um, hey," he grinned shyly. "Sorry for, uh, running into you."

"It was my fault," she corrected immediately. "Um, are you running late for class too?"

"Yeah," Jordan admitted. "I overslept."

"Me too."

Spirit glanced down to see that his hand was still covering hers. She tried to discreetly move her hand, but it wasn't as unnoticeable as she had hoped.

"Oh, sorry," Jordan apologized, pulling back as if his hand had been burned.

"Its fine," Spirit assured him. "I've just really got to get to class. You know, being late and all. But it was nice talking to you. I'd like to do it again."

Jordan smiled. "Me too."

Spirit took one last look at him before running down the hall to her first class. The entire way, she was kicking herself for her choice of words. 'I'd like to do it again?' How stupid was she?! That was the guy she'd been crushing on for a year! Why couldn't she sound at least a little bit intelligent?!

Silverstorm12: Ugh, I am such an idiot!

Dragonsword24: No arguments here. But what did you do?

Silverstorm12: I acted like a total dork in front of Jordan! *dies of embarrassment*

Dragonsword24: What happened?

Silverstorm12: *sighs* I was running late for class since I slept in because I was up talking to you all night. *aims pointed look at Dragon*

Dragonsword24: *painfully wounded by sharp look* My bad?

Silverstorm12: Yes, your bad. Anyway, so I was running down the hall, and just as I was turning the corner, I ran right into Jordan!

Dragonsword24: Déjà vu.

Silverstorm12: Pardon monsieur?

Dragonsword24: First off, you had French homework, didn't you? And second of all, that happened to me not too long ago.

Silverstorm12: Yes, I've got French homework. And that's just weird. Are you sure you're not a random thirty-something year old creeper?

Dragonsword24: I'm not a thirty-something anything. I'm only 17, promise!

Silverstorm12: Are you sure? *glares intensely*

Dragonsword24: I swear on the Blade of Seers that I am only 17.

Silverstorm12: If I discover you're lying, then I swear on the Wand of Ariella that I will find a way to make you pay.

DragonSword24: Hey, so I've got an idea of what you can do to ask Jordan out.

Silverstorms12: Ooh, do tell. *waiting impatiently*

Dragonsword24: Go up to him and say "I think you're cute. Would you like to go out for coffee?" I can guarantee that he'll say yes.

Silverstorm12: Yeah right. How would you know what he'd say?

Dragonsword24: Because I'm a guy. Guys know how other guys will react.

Silverstorm12: Of course you do.

Dragonsword24: Just go up to him and tell him what I told you to. He'll probably say something along the lines of "Sure, just let me log off my computer and I'll be ready to go."

Silverstorm12: I'm sure he's got a life, unlike us.

Dragonsword24: *laughs* No one really has a life, Storm. Trust me, I've been able to pretend I've got a life. No one suspects that I'm really a geek who spends all his free time playing RPGs.

Silverstorm12: There's someone who knows . . .

Dragonsword24: Who?

Silverstorm12: ME! ;)

Dragonsword24: Haha. But seriously, he won't say no.

Silverstorm12: If it will get you to shut up, I'll do it.

Dragonsword24: That a girl, Storm! Go get 'im!

Silverstorm12: You sound like a stereotypical teenage girl. And I should know because I'm a teenage girl.

Dragonsword24: Just go and ask him out already!

Silverstorm12: I'm going!

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Spirit whispered as she stood at the open door in front of her.

Jordan was out on the lawn, bent over his laptop. Spirit knew that if she didn't ask him out, then Dragon would pick on her for the rest of forever. So, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, the pale haired girl strode across the cool grass and came to a stop behind the teenage boy.

"Um, hey," she began.

Jordan looked up at her, his dark eyes questioning. "Oh, hey Spirit."

Eep! He knew her name! Remain calm, she reminded herself.

"There's something I've wanted to ask you," she continued.


Here it goes, she thought nervously. Dragon had better not be wrong about this.

"I think you're cute. Would you like to go out for coffee?" Spirit blurted out quickly.

Jordan blinked in shock. "Um sure," he said after a few seconds. "Just let me log off my computer and I'll be ready to go."

Holy. Crap. Was Jordan Dragon!? Spirit glanced over at his computer screen and saw that he was on the Mythic Fortress homepage. His screen name was in the top right corner. Dragonsword24.

"Dragon?" she asked before she could stop herself. "You're Dragonsword24?"

"Yeah," Jordan answered. "You're Silverstorm12, aren't you?"

"Ohmigosh, I am so embarrassed," Spirit groaned, covering her face with her hands. "All those things I told you!"

She heard Jordan laugh. "Hey, it's fine. Besides, would I have suggested asking me out if I didn't like you?"

Spirit's head snapped up to look at him. "You knew?!"

Jordan laughed again. "Not at first, but after the whole 'you dropped your pencil case' thing, I realized it was you."

"Well, um, do you still wanna go get coffee or something?" the embarrassed girl asked.

Jordan smiled. "Sure. But seriously, let me log off first. I don't want anyone using my profile to talk to other pretty girls and tell them to ask me out. That would be weird."

Spirit grinned. "Yeah, that would be weird, wouldn't it?"

Jordan turned off his laptop and got to his feet, taking Spirit's hand in his. "I gotta say, Storm, I didn't think you'd go through with it."

"What can I say?" Spirit laughed. "I got some great advice from a really good friend."

"Maybe even more than a friend," Jordan suggested.

Another smile crept up onto her face. "Definitely more than a friend."

This was my first attempt at a dorky 'I like you, you like me' sort of thing. What did you think? Thanks for reading!