If we're all going to die someday, then what's the point of living? If we're all going to die someday, then why were we brought here in the first place? Most humans don't even live to be a hundred years, and the universe is billions of years old and will live to be trillions of years old. Our lifetime isn't even a dot on the timeline, not even a piece of dust on the timeline of the universe. Sure some of us do important things and get remembered forever, but for the most of us we'll accomplish nothing important and will be forgotten in a hundred years, if that. Then it will be like we never existed in the first place, gone just as quickly as we came. There's no denying it, that is just the simple truth. Not everyone is important enough to get a Wikipedia page.

Then why do we exist? If there's no point in living, then what's the point of life. The world is a terrible place, there's no denying that, and anyone who does is an idiot. There's bad things in the world. So many bad things. I hate it, I hate the world. If humans have never existed, then Earth could've been a happy place. The universe could've been a happy place. No bad things, just a bunch of animals and trees. Peace, tranquility. Anything is better than the chaos we have right now.

The smiling faces of modern day people, ignorant of the mediocrity of the present. They text instead of talking, never knowing the true each other. Stuck to their smart phones and computers, tweeting like birds instead of talking like people. They ignore those who aren't in their little social circles, uncaring and insensitive to the real world, the only drama they know is the drama of being defriended on Facebook or losing their cell phones. 6 million years of human history and this is where we've gotten to. Ah, how I envy the Neanderthals of the past. Can you please switch places with me, pretty please?

I'll be taking my leave from this stage, thank you very much. I'm too old to believe in fairy tales, but honestly, I'll accept any hell over this scene. The world will forget about me soon enough anyway, and honestly, I doubt anyone would miss me in the first place. Eh? What are you talking about? Mom and Dad will miss me, of course. True and all, but do two people really matter upon the billions out there now and the trillions that have and will ever live? There's more bad people than they are good, right?


Is there? Really? Are the tweeters really bad? I mean, sure they're annoying and lifeless, but if there was Tweeter or Twatter or whatever it's called existed 6 million years ago, then they would be addicted to it to. It's not like they're bad people, they're just corrupted by modern society. And it's not like I don't live on the internet either, I just live on a different street of it. Twutter may seem lifeless to me, but others may see my area as lifeless. I'm sure just as many people hate me as I hate them. They probably see me as an arrogant loner. But wait. I am an arrogant loner. Oh. I'm a hypocritic? I'm going to die being what I hate? Do I hate the world or do I hate I?

Wait. If I hate the world, then why did I stay for as long as I did? I've been in this state for three, no, four years now. I could've jumped off of this gray, lifeless building ages ago and have been gone. Of course. The world kept me hanging on. The world is a bad place, but it's a bad place with good things. Food is good. My dog is good. The few people who have showed me kindness, they're good, right? If the world is truly a terrible place, then it would've been destroyed a long time ago. But no. It's the kindness of people that keep people going. In a way, one good thing outweighs all the bad. The beauty of that flower, the sweetness of that chocolate, the happiness of... of... Of everything?

The universe lasts forever, but our lives last a second, so why does it matter if we do something to last forever if the second is the only thing that matters to us. Life is not about mattering, it's not about how many people remember you, it's not about others, it's about yourself! It wasn't the world I hated, it was my view of the world! Sure the life I had was boring and dull, but it wasn't bad! A little bit of happiness is all you really need, as a pinch of happiness makes life worth living.

Wait. What am I doing here? Why? Why am I falling off of here? Why? I- I'm not ready! I don't want this anymore! Please, someone save me. I don't want-

A Word From Your Author: 'Tis true that everyone is a good person who is only corrupted by bad things. If everyone was happy, then they would be no bad things, but unfortunately that's the case. Plagiarizers are evil though, and if I catch you plagiarizing my work, face the wrath of the might yFujaku!

Sorry for the mood whiplash here kiddos, just wanted to take a second or however fast you read to say a few things. This is my second ever story here on FictionPress. My first was called Why We Should Save the World and How To Do It. You should read it, it's getting rave reviews. It has the same theme of this one, expect it's a lot less depressing and makes you feel more fluffy than empty inside.

I've heard several times before that a lot of jumpers decide they don't want to die before they go SPLAT on the ground so I suppose that's where the inspiration for this came from. (Of course I highly doubt most of those people have long-winded monologues in the last few seconds, but eh, makes for better drama.) Of course this was all a thinly disguised rant on some of my thoughts on this world (minus the anti-technology thing. Twotter is stupid, but besides that go the internet!) Unfortunately it is time for the curtain to fall on this tale. See you next time- Fujaku.

PS-Suicide is bad and never do it. I'll cry for you! Really!