UPDATED 05/3/2019

Chapter 29 updated on 5/3.

Chapter 28 updated on 4/28.

Chapter 26 edited some, but still needs more work.

Chapters 6-9 updated. Chapters 13-25 updated.

Yes, I have still been updating, but instead of constantly sending out e-mails that are mistakenly seen as "new" chapters... I have been quietly just replacing the old ones with better versions.

Please let me know of any other major edits and changes that need to be made. I am only one person trying to keep this story flowing guys! Please be patient. :D I know that the older chapters are rushed, confusing, and lacking in detail. Remember this story was posted as bare bones for a long time. I am only going back and fleshing it out, correcting mistakes, and adding more dynamic scenes.