Note Poetry Project for English A, 2014. This is the third poem I had to write...It sucks, but yea. My English teacher literally said it was "Beautiful" at the bottom of the page and gave me 50 points for it...

Just a Lost Soul


There was once a little girl

just a little girl,

whose eyes shone so bright.

Whose laughter filled the air,

and who smiled so bright.


So, where did she go?

Did she have t follow the wind over the hills?

Did she have to go overseas?


Well, no.


She followed the soul that stood by her side,

with eyes like the sun,

and hair like the wind that bristled outside,


She was just a little girl,

filled with curiosity,

filled with wonder,

full of questions to no end.


So, she followed the soul,

she trusted the soul.

She trusted the soul with all her heart.


But one day the soul wasn't there,

and the girl, she searched everywhere.

She was lost without her (only) friend.


And one day, the soul came back, after a quest.

He listened to the beeps of a machine,

he listened to the sobbing of a lonely mother

and though she could not see,

and though she did not believe,


The soul, who put a and on her shoulder,

looked at the girl,

and took her up to home,

where she would be safe, and

where she would always belong.

Yea, I wrote this at midnight. I was tired. It...yep...made no sense but whatever.

Here is the story behind it, but believe whatever the Hel you want;

The Lost Soul is her father. Her father was close to his daughter, but died in a car accident. The mother grew apart from her daughter, because she resembled her father so much. Bright eyes, wild hair, a curious wondering spirit. The girl was bullied in school and didn't have any friends. ;-;