So guys, I'm back and ready for another piece of work I was thinking of for a long time. This new series depicts conflicts between Generation X and the Millennial Generation. This fiction is based around the relationship between father and son and both of their goals. This story is mostly centered towards the father and how would he live his life. Also, the story contains several ideology between the two generations and how would it collide the father's life. Anyway, hope you enjoy :)...


"Junk", I thought.

I wandered throughout the shopping mall, hands huddled in my pockets and eyes faced towards the ground.

"My son…" I thought in my mind. "You blended into your generation pretty well".

Maybe it was the thought of me being born in Generation X. My son was part of the Millennial. Yup, those guys who were born around 1980-2000. I'm 56 and I start to wonder whether I could pursue my dreams again.

I glanced at a teenage couple. They were kissing right beside a fountain. Sign of love eh? Oh, I had someone who I loved dearly. Now that she's passed, it's just me and my son.

Moving on, I was quite successful at my time. Used to be a boxing pro. Take a look at by bruises around my face. Been 10 years since I've retired. Now, I start to feel old again. I wish I could wear my boxing gloves and enter the ring again in hopes of carrying on. But now, it's already too late…

A friend of mine couldn't adapt to modern society and eventually, he leaped on top of a building and killed himself. After he died, I started to wonder if I could really get along with the current generation.

My son's in college and he's doing pretty fine. As a Millennial, he's having the time of his life. To be honest, he's a nice kid. Gets good results and always alerts me if he achieved something worthwhile. On the other hand, an ageing crook like me only gets to be a spectator.

As I walked, I saw adolescents walking around with their iPhones and earphones in their pockets. And all they listen to is rap and pop. Consider it: Most teenagers would listen to Pop or Rap rather than classics like Led Zeppelin. Well, at least my son listens to classics…

I've got to admit that my life's taken a surprising twist ever since I got to 50. Now, I feel more lonesome than ever. Most of my friends getting distant, my son becoming more independent and the loss of my loved ones.

I exited the shopping mall and found myself staring at the morning sun glowing behind the hollow clouds. As the wind blew and a flock of birds flew by, I took my leave. "Hope? Is that something I could live up to…?" I wondered…

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