Chapter 4

Callie scrambled to her feet, pulling Logan up with her. Then they took off after the person, who had a good ten yards head start.

They'd managed to close the span down to two yards when Logan was suddenly tackled to the ground from behind.

Callie skid to a stop and spun around to see Logan wrestling another black figure.

"Go ahead!" he called to her "I got it!"

She nodded then turned and shot after the first figure who now had that ten yard lead back.

A few minutes later she'd closed the distance between them then. Just then, the man spun around, a large .45 revolver in his hand.

Callie, once again, skid to a stop.

"That's right, Callie Cameron." the man sneered "Not a move."

She raised an eyebrow "How is it people always know me before I know them?"

Logan stepped up beside her and sent her a quick half smile "I guess you found out they have guns, huh?"

She let out a fake laugh "Don't they always?"

"Shut up!" The man in front of them snapped. He stood a good six foot seven with a muscular build. His voice was a deep growl.

Then he was joined by three more figures. One was built the same as the first, just two inches shorter.

The other two were leaner, one right around six foot and the other... Callie's eyebrows lurched... was a girl.

All their faces were hidden behind ski masks, except for the tallest one. His mask looked like something Darth Vader related.

She frowned "May I take a guess? The Shadow Rider."

The tallest man laughed then bowed "I see my reputation precedes me."

"Don't worry about it." Callie responded with a smirk "You get used to it."

"You're a sarcastic girl, aren't you?"

"That's what they tell me." she crossed her arms "You're doing good. You've got this whole town convinced you're a ghost."

Logan noticed Callie's fingers twitching beneath her arm as she started signing to him:

There's a large rock by your foot. Try to discretely kick it to me.

"And what makes you so sure I'm not a ghost?" the man returned.

"Because, you can't tackle ghosts." Callie shrugged "And from what I heard, you got tackled the other day." she felt the rock bump into the side of her boot.

"This is a warning, Callie Cameron." The second man said "Mind your own business."

"Sorry." Callie flipped the rock up onto her boot "I'm just a naturally nosy person." then she kicked the rock into the air, and in one split moment, she grabbed it and sent it hurling at the Shadow Rider "Duck!"

She and Logan dropped to the ground as the rock smashed into the man's gun hand, then a loud shot burst through the air.

Caught off guard, the other three froze.

"Come on!" Callie yanked Logan to his feet and they took off running.

"Watch your back, Callie Cameron!" the Shadow Rider called after them "I'll be watching you."

She glanced over her shoulder "So that's the Shadow Rider." she mumbled "Charming character."

"I hadn't gotten a good look at him before." Logan said as they slowed to a walk "I talked to Sadie a bit more last night." he pushed his hair off his forehead "A lot of families have already moved because of him. They're just scared."

She nodded slightly "Sounds like he's trying to clear the area..." her voice drifted off in thought.

Logan glanced at her, a slight smile coming to his face "I know that look. What's going through your head?"

She swiped her bangs out of her face "This little portion of the country side has... how many residence?"

He thought for a moment "About three hundred."

"And how many families have already left?"

"According to uncle Jake, about half."

Callie nodded slowly "The interstate drives right past here. I mean..." she dropped off before mentioning that her father had driven past the small road that suddenly branched off three times before finally catching it "If they managed to get everyone to leave, it wouldn't take much to cover up the road."

"No one would even know this little place existed unless they spotted it on the map and found the back road." Logan finished "It would almost be the perfect hideaway."

Callie frowned "Exactly." then she groaned "Didn't we just shut down a smuggler? What, two days ago?"

Logan chuckled "You did. I had to leave early."

"But you played your part." she slightly nudged him with her shoulder then shook her head "If there's another smuggling ring here, I can't help but wonder..."

"If they're all connected?"

"Mm-hm." she subconsciously played with the end of her braid "In the past few months we've caught members from the same smuggling ring but couldn't find the mastermind." she looked over at him "The first was in Paris and the second was at home." she let out a huff of air "Ironic."

"We'll figure it out." Logan said with a smile then quickly became serious again "One more thing, Sadie said that recently the attacks of the Shadow Rider had been aimed mainly at the Martins for some reason."

"The Martins?" her eyebrow lurched.

"They've been taking the biggest brunt of the incidents," he looked up at the sky "Sadie's worried about her friend while her friend's worried about her family. Especially since her cousin is here."

Callie fell quiet for a long moment "Is your cousin as opinionated as she sounds?"


"Does she have any suspects?"



Logan chuckled "There's a large horse ranch about a three miles from here. It's owned by a man named Trevor Simmons. His father used to own this whole area, but he sold off bits and pieces of it til all he had left was a 'small' hundred fifty acre lot."

"Small?" Callie laughed.

"Yeah. But Sadie said he's always tried to buy back the land, whether legal or not, he's bent on getting it." he looked at her from the corner of his eye "He breeds Fresians."

She stopped short "That's the kind of horse the Rider's accomplice was riding." then she nodded "It's worth checking out."

When she started to walk away, Logan stopped her "Hey. How did you know that the accomplice was riding a Fresian?"

She froze dead in her tracks and cringed. That had been Lilly Ann who had been there, not Callie! "I talked to the Martins before I went over to your place." she answered.

"Oh." he nodded slightly "Which one did you talk to?"

"Lilly Ann." Callie shook her head slightly at how ironic this all was sounding "She tends to give straight answers."

Logan chuckled "That's for sure."

She looked down at her watch "I'd better run." then she smiled "I'll call you later."

"Alright. He nodded and glanced around "Do you want me to check out Simmons for you?"

"If you don't mind." Callie said "You should probably take someone to 'introduce' you to him. You know the routine of what to find out."

"I should by now." He sent her a wide smile "See you tomorrow?"

She let out a deep breath that sent her bangs flying up "We'll see. I don't know how things will go tomorrow." then she thought "Considering I have no idea what Edith has planned."

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