(For Moya Angelou)

Today we, the world

Writhe a loss profoundly because miss

Maya, or mother, our teacher, a warrior

Of change, the survivor is no longer with us.

Yet we knew that her day would come

Nothing can diminish our sense of pain.

Us as Basotho Nation we send our heartfelt

Sympathy to you American people as you

Celebrate the life of your tremendous woman.

She changed our inner picture with her

Wind words and couldn't help but to

Admire her creativity, from all four corners

Of the world Maya Angelou was loved.

Despite of the throes an African American

Woman thrived and her life inspired

Young girls who faced the same challenges as hers.

We will forever miss her harmonious commanding

Voice that spoke for blacks and whites from

All over the world. She entered in this world

With something gold but now she returned back

With nothing because we inherited all she had.

The door of heaven

Has slammed and the queen of literature

Cannot come back, wishing she was

Still alive will get us hurt even more.

At this very moment in Africa, in Asia,

In America, in Europe and in Oceania poetry

Lovers mourn this fallen angel because

She touched their lives. We will never

Forget your industry in making the world

A better place for all, rest in peace

You tremendous woman, we thank the Lord

For sending you here.


Rethabile Koetle (Lesotho)