"What if I told you I was an angel?"

"You're not, so there."

There goes my friend of mine, muttering nonsense again.

"But I am one!"

"Sure you are, sure you are. And I'm a vampire. No, a sparkling vampire."

"Exactly! You could be that but you just haven't told me."

"I don't go sparkle-sparkle in the sun and I also don't see wings and a halo on you."

"I do have one! They're invisible so I can better blend in with the human world."

"Now you're just muttering nonsense."

"But they could be a world of supernatural right in front of our eyes and we've just been ignorant of it all time! Magic could be real! Angels and sparkling vampires are real, I know it! There's no proof that they don't exist which means they must exist!" She was getting more and more insistent as she went on.

"And the Flying Spaghetti Monster is going to kill us all one day, you know?"

"It is, I bet you're right."

"They say anything is possible. With everything possible, you can say that it's possible for it to be impossible."

"I'll show you! Anything is possible! I'll fly out of your window!"

She walked towards my window and began to open it. I quickly ran over there and pulled her back. "You idiot!"

"This is only the second floor. If I'm not an angel, I won't die!"

"If you really were an angel though, I wouldn't want you to fly away!"

"But I wanna go to a fantasy world and save the universe!"


She turned towards me. "I'm bored!"

"Sure it's boring, but I want the vampires and angels to stay in hiding! In books and anime and movies the main character is always pulled into a scary world filled with everyone trying to kill him. I don't think I would be able to survive in a world filled with fantasy creatures. And even if I did, I would see people die and be forced to fight and other terrible things. A world without fantasy is boring, but it's better than one with monsters and mages!"

"Oh." Her face broke into a smile. "Yeah, you're right! If I was an angel, then I wouldn't know you as I'll be busy doing angel things!"


"Yay! Can I still wish for a romance movie to happen in my life?"

"Things like that are fine."

"Yay! Let's go to the movie theater! I wanna see a romance!"

"Okay...". I followed my excitable friend out of the door. Thank god I wasn't a sparkling vampire, or I would look like an idiot under this sun.

A Note From Your Author: Man, this friend is an idiot. I want to slap her.

Welp, I wanted to do something with angels, so here. For someone who is agnostic-leaning-towards-atheist, the whole "you don't need proof for something to exist" angle in the first half surprised me as I wrote this. I made this up as I went along, you see? I liked the second theme though. People who say they want to live in an anime always annoy me, so for those of you who say that, there.

Sincerly, Fujaku. :D