Lied der Deutschen

Song of the Germans,

A people most content,

Happy to live and let live;

United in their goal

To become Europe's greatest nation.

Once they were tainted and tarnished

By warmongers and Nazi morons;

Then they were split in two;

East and west they were,

Forced to divide themselves up.

But the Deutsch Fatherland

Would never give up on

Reuniting with each other,

And near the 20th century's end,

Deutschland was reunified and whole again.

Unity and Right and Freedom;

The traits of this nation's people

Define the German Fatherland,

Where people live in the moment

In order to live life to the full.

Unity gives Germany strength

To stand on her own two feet;

She needs the power to persevere,

In the face of in- and outward threats

To the peace of the Deutschen and her neighbors.

The new Unity of the Germans

Restores brotherhood and sisterhood;

We can all feel the love

And sense the teamwork of a people

Determined to make a good mark in history.

Right in Germany is not just

The right-hand side or opposite of wrong;

But the Right to live the lives

Of our own personal choice,

The sort of thing craved by all.

The individuals we strive to be

Create a culture of real men and women,

Whether we sing at Oktoberfest,

Lie nude in the Englischer Garten,

Or feast on brats, burgers and beer.

Freedom is not as loose a thing here

As in America perhaps,

But we are still Free to live Free;

We do not submit to the slavery

Of weakness, pain, despair or death.

We are Free to go on adventures,

And we are Free to take off our clothes;

We remember Hitler and his stranglehold on Freedom,

And we are all the more glad and grateful

To have a Free country to thrive and survive.

Unity and Right and Freedom

Are the pledge of happiness in Deutschland;

Blooming in the splendor of happiness,

We Germans will one day do our stuff

And show the world our way of life is Right.

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.