Hello, if you are reading this then it means you are reading the story "Moonlight Wing Chronicles" that was written by Rion Requiel (Me).

This story is divided into different parts but the chapters are continuous. This story revolves around the world of Lorna from my other story the Black Sleipnir Chronicles which will be redone in the near future to contain less smut and more actual story. This story is currently rated M for Mature Content that may (Or may not) happen in later chapters.

The basis of the story follows the adventure of Rin Tenebrae, Aria Cantatio, and Aura Caritas who are possibly the last surviving members of a nearly extinct race known as Azothians. The Azothians were a race that once ruled over Lorna and could use the power of their soul known as Anima to summon forth weapons and armor as well as cast magic. In the past a human who hungered for power had made a pact with a demonic race known as Domitra. They would give him power and he would be able to take over Lorna but at the cost of allowing the Domitra to enter the world of Lorna freely. The human did not care and used his power to become the King of Lorna and was so corrupt that he murdered his own wife and blamed it upon the old Azothian King and ordered for a mass genocide to be carried out upon the Azothians.

Over time the Azothian race was reduced to a mere handful and now the story focuses upon the three aforementioned Azothians as the Domitra run rampant over Lorna, killing humans and other races alike. It was one fateful night that had changed everything for Rin, Aria, and Aura and now their story is being told.

This story heavily uses the Latin Language for names and items and also has influence from other Religions and Mythologies including a Mythology I created specifically for the story. This story is part of the "Chronicles of Lorna" series I am working on. Thank you for reading this. Please leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated.