Moonlight Wing Chronicles

By: Rion Requiel

Part 4: This is War

Chapter 20: Salvation

Rin, Aria, and Aura had rushed up the stairs in the Fortress after besting the eight Lamina. They had used their Synchronicity to pull out on top which is something the Lamina didn't expect. The trio knew that there wouldn't be another chance to fight Ipsum and kill him if they were to falter now, so they rushed into Ipsum's pseudo throne room and were caught off guard by the now more youthful yet pale skinned King they saw.

Rin looked at Ipsum. "No longer a Human I see... Good, I won't regret killing you." Rin stated as he, Aria, and Aura all summoned their weapons forth and began their assault on the once Human King.

Ipsum just laughed in a rather maniacal tone as he fended off the three Azothians with his blade and then started attacking in a frenzy, not even plotting his attacks, it was like he had gone mad. The look in his eyes seemed broken, tortured, and driven insane and he uttered a few words. "Kill... Kill... Kill..." Was all that could be heard coming from the now obviously insane human.

Rin, Aria, and Aura had formed a triangle formation and prepared to use their magic to kill the insane King. Shooting off a barrage of Shadow Blades, Ice, and Fire they knew there was no possible way for a Human to still be living after suffering from attacks that powerful, however what happened next caught the trio off guard. As the smoke from the attacks cleared away, there laid a seemingly defeated Ipsum who had begun moving after just a few brief moments. His body twitched and convulsed and then began to transform, becoming more muscular as his hair returned to it's silver color but his skin became even more pale as if imitating snow. It wasn't long before a wave of crimson Anima had spilled forth from his body then wrapped him in a unique outfit as a large dragon-like Domitra with two tails sprung from his back.

Rin, Aria, and Aura had prepared for the next part of this battle as the re-animated Ipsum began to attack using the dragon like Domitra. Initially the trio began to target Ipsum's body thinking it was still the location of the enemy's weakness but this was not so. After attacking the body for roughly five minutes the trio realized this was not the correct target and resorted to attacking the larger and more easy to hit Dragon that was attached to Ipsum's body.

It had taken a good while before they managed to wear the Dragon down enough to strike a fatal blow, all three of them suffering from bad wounds received from the sharp, blade like tails on the Dragon. Just as the corpse stopped moving Rin and the other two let out a sigh of relief and began to leave, that was however, until the corpse began to move again, this time taking on a more monstrous form than any had ever seen before as Ipsum's body and the Dragon had seemed to merge into one yet function in an awkward manner. This new beast had three sets of eyes, two sets of wings, six appendages resembling arms that ended in scythes, six legs, and then a large plethora of tentacles or tails that all seemed to be flailing about frantically.

The trio had been caught off guard by the sudden surprise however, the weak spot seemed pretty clear, there was Ipsum's face in the very center of the beast. Rin had instinctively sent a blade of shadows at the enemy but noticed that the blade was destroyed before it ever reached the beast. Rin's eyes widened as he realized that this specific foe, Ipsum, was now immune to the Magic that they have been so heavily relying on to make this a quick fight. Rin took a deep breath and prepared his injured body for battle as he rushed in. Aria and Aura followed suit with Aria swinging her blade in a rather frantic speed and motion, hoping to sever or block the enemy's attacks.

Aura had tried to create and opening as well using her swordsmanship but had failed to do so as she and Aria were thrown back by a few tentacles that were defending the face. Even Rin was thrown back after a moment, none of them getting close to the enemy's face. Aria studied how the enemy moved. "Rin! It's not sentient! It's bestial! Quickly! If we manage to sever it's defenses then we can get a clean shot!" Aria shouted.

Aura and Rin nodded at this. "I will move as fast as I can to sever the limbs then!" Aura stated.

Aria nodded. "Rin! We will make the opening! This will leave you to finish it off!" Aria said before rushing in to wildly thrash her blades at the tentacles of the monstrous Ipsum, causing the beast to shriek in pain as it's appendages were cut off one by one, meanwhile Aura was using her swordsmanship to make quick work of the scythe-like arms but not before suffering some damage from them as she chopped them off. Rin quickly took this chance that he was given, lunging forward as fast as he could, he drove the blade of Tyrfing straight into the center of Ipsum's remaining face, causing the beast to let out a terrifying and pain-filled scream as it's body seemed to squirm and shrivel up, slowly turning to dust.

Rin, Aria, and Aura were all breathing heavily as they looked at the pile of dust and then they finally let out a sigh of relief. "Alright, now I know the bastard is dead." Rin said as he managed to calm down his breathing just a little bit. All three of the Azothians had great injuries on them from the battles they had recently fought and figured that now was a good a time as any to use their potions they had been saving. Luckily the potions were of a very high grade and allowed them to quickly recover their wounds and lost stamina.

It wasn't long after their short rest that the trio decided it was time to make the final assault. From the window of the Fortress they could see the large castle that Basileus resided in. There was no mistaking it since it seemed so foreign compared to the other things found around Lorna. As the trio exited the area they made sure the Lamina were still down for the count and to their luck the Lamina were not moving. The trio then continued on to Basileus's Castle.

The closer they got, the more of a dark presence they could feel, it was no doubt Basileus who was giving off this powerful and heavy feeling Anima as they drew ever closer to the large castle made from what seemed to be blue-green stone. Rin, Aria, and Aura had entered the Castle effortlessly and again noticed that the place seemed almost abandoned. This caused to the trio to keep moving forward towards the throne room on the fourth floor.

As they made it up the stairs to the fourth floor they saw Basileus sitting on a throne with Alacia next to him. Alacia seemed different somehow as she was on her knees next to Basileus as he gently pet her.

"Welcome my dear friends." Basileus stated and then looked at Alacia. "Alacia would like to welcome you as well. Isn't that right my pet?" He asked.

Alacia looked at the trio. "Yes my King.. Welcome.." She said softly, her tone was far more submissive than it once was. It seemed her dominance she once possessed was completely gone.

Rin glared at Basileus. "You already know why we are here. No use hiding behind someone I have already defeated twice." Rin stated as he manifested the Tyrfing.

Basileus laughs and then looks at Rin. "Yes let us see if you can manage that a third time when she isn't holding back." Basileus stated and then looked at Alacia. "Show this boy who the true Master is."

Alacia nodded as she stood up. "Yes my Sovereign... I will do as you ask." Alacia stated, she then manifested Gungnir as she lunged at Rin. Aria and Aura were going to join in but quickly found themselves unable to move as the Lamina they had fought entered behind them and quickly took hold of them.

Rin looked back as the Lamina had grabbed Aura and Aria. "Dirty bastards!" Rin shouted.

Basileus laughed. "Calm down, they won't do anything to your darling allies... No... I need to see if you are worthy of fighting me... So if you can defeat your friend Alacia here then I will gladly let your two allies go... But if you lose... They belong to me." Basileus stated.

Rin clenched his fists and then took a prepared fighting stance against Alacia. "I am sorry." He stated and then dashed at Alacia.

At first the two had managed to dodge their initial attacks but it quickly became a game of cat and mouse as one would attack and the other would block. This lasted for a good five minutes before Rin jumped back and waited as Alacia thrust her spear at him. Rin had instinctively put his training to use and as Alacia thrust her spear, Rin had slammed the Tyrfing diagonally left, parrying the spear and then rushed in, slamming the pommel of Tyrfing into Alacia's head.

Alacia staggered back and looked at Rin, her expression was blank yet there were tears in her eyes, as if she were crying while fighting Rin. She had lunged at Rin again, this time with a wind-mill style attack, causing Rin to duck and then slash at Alacia's hand, disarming her by injuring her palm. Rin closed his eyes and looked away as he went in for the kill, piercing Alacia's heart.

This caused the Azothian girl to cough up blood and gasp for air as her nearly lifeless body leaned against Rin. "F-Forgive me... Rin..." She said with tears in her eyes.

Rin had remembered all the times they had spent together, him, Aria, Aura, and Alacia. They used to play hide and go seek in the town while the adults would work in the Guild. They would help from time to time with the gardening. Rin had always looked up to Alacia as an older sister after she took them in to the Midnight Wing Guild and showed them around the town. Rin closed his eyes more tightly as these memories seemed to burn up, just like the fire his parents were thrown into. A single tear fell from Rin's face.

"I forgive you." He said before pulling his blade from the now smiling Azothian girl.

"Thank you... Rin... My... Little... Brother..." She said before letting out her final breath and succumbing to death.

Rin placed his left hand over his face, wiping his tears away with his thumb before taking a deep breath and looking at Basileus. "Let them go..." He demanded.

Basileus smirked. "I would... But you see... Three on one is just not fair at all... How about you best all eight of them and we go from there?" Basileus said before snapping his fingers.

As he did this Rin let out a rather loud and angry yell. "I said let them go!" He shouted as a powerful wave of twilight blue Anima exploded out from him, throwing the Lamina back and forcing them to let go of Aria and Aura.

As the light from the wave faded Rin stood in a rather unique outfit. He now wore a metal plate with intricate silver lining, the metal was a dark blue color and it had an amethyst crystal in the middle of it with sleeves coming from the armor which were white with a single blue ring around them just above Rin's wrist.

Basileus flinched. "Damn it... The power of a Sovereign... But how...?" Basileus questioned and took notice as Alacia's body had begun to glow then turned into a stream of light that formed the eighth and final Regnum Shard in Rin's Tyrfing.

Rin breathed heavily and then dashed at Basileus in a high speed, swinging his blade in an expert manner. Basileus had been forced to dodge and attempt to send blasts of energy at Rin but the blasts seemed to barely even touch him and if they did, they didn't seem to harm him in any way as he continued to relentlessly attack Basileus.

Basileus attempted to block one of Rin's slashes with his staff but failed as the staff was snapped in two by the now fully empowered Tyrfing. Basileus made a tragic mistake as he tripped over his own robes and fell onto his back, allowing Rin to place his blade at the neck of Basileus.

"I made a promise to forget the sins of the past... Both that of the Humans and Domitra." Rin stated.

Basileus looked at Rin in fear. "What does that mean to me...? You're going to let me live?" He asked.

Rin laughed dominantly as a merciless look spread across his face. "No... I made a promise." He said before decapitating the Domitra King who was once an Azothian just like he was.

Rin then walked over to Aura and Aria, then helped them up. "We are leaving to report to Muria." Rin stated.

Aria and Aura nodded as they followed Rin who was now wearing the armor of the Sovereign. Both were speechless, they watched as Rin killed not only Basileus but Alacia as well. They were worried about the psychological effect it might have upon Rin but for now they figured it might be best to just let things as they are and not to press about it.

After the group had returned to the South Eastern Continent a large celebration was held in thanks to the trio for helping to establish a world filled with peace once more. Once the celebrations had ended however it was time to finally have Rin assume the place as Sovereign and what he did next shocked all of Lorna.

Rin had established the group know as the Regnum Council which would help to keep the world equal. He appointed positions to Muria, Ulrica, Sylva, and Lamai as well as himself, Nesca, and Erudin. This would eventually become known as the Day of Union in which all of Lorna was now run by a council and not a single king.

However not everything can stay peaceful forever...


Author's Note: Thank you for sticking it out with me until the end of this story. Yes, the ending is left like this for a reason. Oh yeah, did I mention that THIS is the final chapter? Figured the name Salvation would fit it pretty well.

I truly hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing and please keep your eyes open for the Sequel that is going to be coming soon "Black Sleipnir Chronicles" which is better version of the very first story I did.