1) The Beginnings

Infinite beauty. No human form it took, no physical form neither. A never-ending void of stars and limitless possibilities. Stunningly magnificent in it's tranquility, there was truly nothing like it in existence. It was existence, there was only one.

With a voice that was softer than silk but that filled the entire existence, words were spoken. Each word was new upon utterance, each word's meaning was created as they were made. When the time came, there was need for something more.

Abia, as it would be called in the years that succeeded, spoke, "Raise my sons. You will be reverred and respected by your creation".

Three physical forms were created, huddling as if there were a tremendous cold. Tall and gaunt, their lanky arms wrapped around their knees, shuddering and their eyes opening; fresh and new to the world. Each one had eyes of dazzling colour- one red, another green and the final blue. All got to their feet, their first steps cautious and slightly wobbly.

"Balsora" Abia said to the blue eyed son, "You are the creator of life, you will create life with care and love, just as I have created you".

Balsora nodded, he was a handsome man. His black hair soft and silky was short, but one strand of hair hung down by his right eye, with a defiant curl.

"Barani" continued Abia, to the red eyed son, "You will be the protector of life, you are brave, you are powerful and you will not let harm befall them".

Barani looked unsure but he nodded anyhow. His black hair was longer than Balsora's, it was trailing down to his shoulders.

"And Sokkorah, last but certainly not least" said Abia, to the green eyed son, "You will see all that goes on, you will remember all that goes on. You will be a source of wisdom, a witness to the world".

Sokkorah put on a steely determined face, and nodded. His hair was straight and was chin length, curtaining his face.

"Cloth yourselves, my sons" said Abia, as they pulled robes over themselves- white for Sokkorah, black for Barani and blue for Balsora, "And make the most of the world".

Colour began forming around them, blue above and mud brown on the ground. Balsora found he knew where to start almost effortlessly, he spread his hand out and rotated it around. Grains of sand formed and piled up, mountains began growing from the ground, trees were sprouting up and in the far distance, an ocean of sparkling blue water was forming.

Creatures of all walks of life were appearing. Insects wiggled out of holes in the dirt, birds flew from the tree-tops and fish sprung from the deepest depths of the water. Balsora lifted his hands and brought light to the sky- a blazing ball of flame.

The world was created. It had begun.