Our father was many things. I once heard my mother, say he was the worst mistake she made. She had met my father Tommy, while he was traveling the Mediterranean. He had just got back from the Army a month earlier.

They had started their affair in February of 1982. He had told my mother he was married in the U.S. but had Greek blood from his mother's side.

For some reason, mom didn't care of his marital status. Our father was an attractive Greek-American with a love for life.

To my mother's horror a week later, it was discovered she pregnant. Being the man our father was, he refused to leave her to raise me alone.

He quickly called his wife, making a bunch of lies to her from the truth. Stating he had ill family in Greece and must stay for at least a year.

Nine months later I was born.

It was a struggle for them both. Having little money. My childhood was not like most. I was lucky to have food and clothes. I never seen my father because he always worked. Fishing for markets, working at a bar, and a jewelry shop.

My mother would stay home with me, cleaning the house and cooking.

One day my parents got into a fight, with my father claiming I needed better. The freedom of America. My mother refused to leave, so my father took me at 2 yrs. old.

His wife did not seem to mind the long stays in Greece but her did return home in 1984.

He fell back in love with his wife. He got her pregnant really quick.

Then a year later, another baby. But by the time my third sister was

1-year-old, he was doing drugs with his wife and heaving drinking.

In 1989, she got pregnant again. By this point, drugs and alcohol where her life. I watched her get high and drunk pregnant.

One day, she lost her mind. Me and father got a call at my grandmothers, she had tried to kill the baby. Her mother found her

passed out and called an ambulance. My father was furious. Somehow, they managed to save them both. She had swallowed turpentine but did not succeed.

Our father filed for divorce, claiming his wife was crazy and stupid.

Unfortantly, the divorce led to a down hill spiral with cocaine use.

His first cousin found out about my baby sister. The cousin automatically took my baby sister on the weekends. Realizing our father was unfit.

Three months later, all hell broke loose. The cousin announced, adoption was in her plans.

So in court, our father tried to tell the judge my baby sister had all these genes. This did not go far, as the judge discovered he was Greek.

He lost the battle in the winter of 1989, as we watched the judge sign adoption orders.

It was discovered sometime later, my baby sister had Cerebral Palsey.

She ended up having a back surgery at the age of six.

In mid 2001, my sister got in an argument with our father.

He got in his car drunk, and was killed when he hit a tree. We were devastated.

But my baby sister had no idea. She didn't even know she was adopted and had sibilings. She was 12 years getting ready to turn 13 years old.

I was 20 years old the first time I introduced myself to her. For a long time she wouldn't talk to me. Eventually that changed.

Unlike our father Tommy, I never done drugs or became an alcoholic.

I just hope my sisters don't become like their mother or like our father.