Two five year olds were playing in the woods. One was a girl with long blonde hair. The other was a boy with short brown hair. Right now the two were playing tag.

"You're it" The girl said as she tagged the boy.

They laughed and giggle all night untilthe girl tripped and fell. On the ground a fire started and was starting to burn the forest. The smoke made the girl pass out.

The boy says, "Jesse, wake up."

He knows that there is no time to try to wake her up, so he picks her up and runs. The fire grows bigger and traps the two. The boy does not have enough strength to keep awake, he dies. A group of people put the fire out and find the two unconscious. They immediately sent the two to the hospital. Jesse gets released the same day with no harm done what so boy however was a different story. He was put into a coma. After a week he was sent to the New York hospital in hopes of him waking up.

From that day forward the girl knew how the fire started. She knew she caused the fire. She knew she was a witch.

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