I woke up with sun in my eyes

Burning through the eyelids like acid

Tried to close them again

But all I could see was the nightmare

So I threw on some pants and made breakfast

Cleaned out my room (finally)

Found my razor hidden beneath all my shit

Slid it barely across my skin

Didn't think it would cut

Guess it is sharper than I remembered

Can't really talk to anyone

Everyone is busy with their lives

Wish I had one, but it is fine that I don't

Besides, wouldn't want to annoy anyone

Because then they'll leave altogether

Problem with this is that I can't sleep

She already passed out hours ago

Maybe she was exhausted from us fighting

I am too, but I'm scared of the nightmares

Writing is more interesting anyway

Funny how fast the pendulum swings

Everything is rushing past during the week

It's almost (officially) summer

I have always hated the heat

And I have always hated having so much time

But maybe my dreams, the good ones, will come true

She'll still love me at the end of it

I'll be in one piece when I pull the sweaters out of my closet

And maybe, just maybe

Skeletons won't fall out with them this year