This is my entry to A Drop of Romeo's Star Crossed Round 9.

:) I haven't written in a while so...

They said that when you look at a person's room, you can see their personality. The first time I stepped into Angelina's room, it was different. Different in both a similar and a different way. It wasn't good or bad, it was just... different.

She had photos on the wall. Each of them were lined up, perfect, with even white borders and smiling faces. When I looked closer, I could barely recognize the people in the frames. These pictures were old, and held glimpses of the people I knew now. There was Danielle, the queen bee, holding hands with Bailey, smartest girl on campus. They looked all happy back then, but absolutely hated each other now.

"You were friends with Danielle?" I asked, pointing at a filtered picture. Danielle was holding hands with Angelina, laughing as they ate cotton candy.

Angelina frowned, "Besties, at least that was what we called each other. 7th grade, we had the same English class. It was back when I loved the color mint, and preferred painting my nails over playing on the PS3."

I nodded. I knew that Angelina used be girly-er, but not to that point where she could get along with Danielle and talk about hair.

Angelina powered on her computer and leaned back on her chair, "I like to refer those times as the 'dark past'. It's not something that someone wants to remember. I don't like knowing that I used to adore-", She spat that word out as if it was poison, "-the Queen Bitch. Other times I think that maybe she was less of a bitch all those years ago."

She talked about her past in such a casual way, as if shes already come to terms that she used to be friends with all these people.

"How about Bailey?" I asked. Bailey was yet another person I couldn't imagine Angelina hanging out with. She was definitely going to be valedictorian and Angelina 'stopped caring about her grades' years ago despite the fact that she still gets straight As. Angelina had always brushed that off, blaming the 'Asian in me', talking about how her great-grandmother came from China had given her some magical non-fail gene.

"We were friends, okay. Back then, you didn't have to have anything in common with your friends. All you do is laugh and gossip and have a good time. There wasn't much behind friendships like that." Angelina muttered, "It was a fake friendship. We were only there for each other at our own convenience."

"Game?" Angelina asked, pointing at my computer I still held in my hands.

"Yeah sure. In a second." I said, "I want to see what you've got here."

"It's nothing much," She brushed it off again, "Nothing of extreme importance anyways. I can tell you what happened."

I was curious, so I pressed on, "What happened?"

"Simple. We just finally found who we actually considered as friends. Danielle found her bitch, Gucci-wearing friends. Bailey slowly became more intellectual than any of us could handle. Kylie got too absorbed in her books, and Christina preferred basketball over hanging out with us." Angelina said, shrugging her shoulders.

I nodded, it seemed like a legitimate response, but I still felt like something was missing. A small piece of time was taken out. Timeless memories were posted on this wall, it must have at least some kind of affect on Angelina.

"Some people just split apart. I just fell in love with... gaming." She smiled at me, "If it weren't for my previous friend group splitting up, I wouldn't have met you."

I nodded and smiled back at her. It's true. We met up at a club meeting one day after school, and she came in, asking if it was the Eturnum Approach gaming club. Everyone in the club was dumbfounded, seeing that most of them were surprised that a girl actually played the game. Angelina blended in easily, laughing and joking around about champions and skill levels.

I turned around to stare at her, "Are you sure that's all?" She stayed silent for a minute.

"That's everything you'll need to know for now." She laughed, "Girls are scary you know? They'll claw your eyes out an tear up your insides with gossip and cheap backstabbing tactics. You don't want to mess with them, they'll screw you up royally."

"Do you want to talk?" I asked, sitting on her bed. It was a polka-dotty flower print which practically screamed 'Angelina'.

She sighed, "Christina... did the thing with Danielle's boyfriend freshman year."

"Did the thing?" I asked.

Angelina rolled her eyes, "Don't make me say it. She fucked her boyfriend. There is no other way to put it. After it someone saw them walking out together – god knows where they fucked – word got out and Danielle was furious."

She closed her eyes, "We had to pick sides. Danielle forced us to pick sides. Bailey and Kylie went with Danielle, saying about how Christina was a slutty whore and used our 'friendship' to get into Derek's pants.

"Me being me, I had to side with Christina because I felt pity for her. I also felt guilty for thinking that she was a slut. In my mind, I tried to make up excuses to forgive her. I said things like: Derek is hot, who wouldn't want to do him? Or, I bet Christina couldn't hold back, I bet someone spiked the punch at the party for something.

"It was useless though. Danielle loved Derek as much as a freshman could love someone, and it 'tore her heart apart'. Danielle would sob and rant about how Derek was her Romeo, and she was Juliet. Christina and I were cast out of the group. Kylie babbled too much of fictional hot guys for Danielle to handle and Bailey soon realized that she was only there so Danielle could feed answers off of her." Angelina laughed bitterly.

"Now that I think of it: Danielle was pretty much a bitch. You see that mirror on the wall?" She pointed to the small mirror that hung above her bed. It was quite fancy compared to everything else in her room.

"Yeah?" I replied. It was an odd place to put a mirror.

Angelina explained, "Everyday I wake up and see myself. I want to be true to myself, and stay who I am. I was too close to becoming one of Queen Bitch's minions myself, and I honestly don't want to be one of those. It's a reminder. I love games, and if I want to be a tomboy, I will be one."