Trigger and content warnings for the following story:

Rape implications, almost swearing, violence, ableism, casual ableism, ableist slurs, Horrific implications, murder implication, killing and death, I think that covers it. Have fun reading _

Hi my name is Ae Sook or Cam if you know my superhero persona. I'm 15 korean, an leg amputee, and a demi girl. I know that's a mouthfull. I live in world full of superheros. The real kind. Not so many supervillains though. More like corrupt volo. Ok now we're getting ahead of our selves. Let's start from the beginning. In 2001 their was a huge virus. It spread everywhere. Lots and lots of people got it. Unfortunately I got it as well. Thankfully though they developed a cure, the doctors I mean. But the thing is, people like me, who got the cure changed. We developed superpowers.

But some of us lost our minds. We went on on rampages. Now some us of us only destory. So my team and I fix them up, we take care of them. Forever. I woke up to a loud rukes. I yawned. It was my two brothers fighting. I live in a family of three my mom, and my brothers Bae and Chin Ho. We are a very random family I can't even begin to tell you. But that's besides the point. Let's get on with my life. I got up brushed my teeth and made my way out of our apartment. I took the bus to school. Their I made my way to classes, and after school, clubs. I know my life sounds boring doesn't it?

Besides the point. I eventually went on patrol. Their I met my teammates. Podia, William, Scavage, and a new member named...Ms. Independent. She's very very outspoken. She's also disabled like myself though our disabilities differ. All was fine until we Podia got a broken nose. We were in the middle of fighting volo when one hit the boy right in the face.

The guy possessed super strength. Granted Podia was wearing a gas mask so he was slightly protected but still, I could see red. He cussed and sweat acid all over his palms pushing his hands upon the guys neck. We all have different abilities, Scavage has extreme agility, William has like three different ones, Podia has acid, he even sweats it, Ms independent has telekinesis, and I have...well, I have the power of fire. I can create tiny little sparks from my hands that are used in battle. But I also had William create a little gadget for me based off of what he'd seen online, and it emits gasoline. It makes my tiny little sparks ten times more effective.

Some people might question what we do, but honestly the corrupted volo are so far gone their beyond saving, Scientists are literally, right now theorizing them being brain dead. Their is no point in trying to spare them. I don't know how we get to that disasterses point but I hope I never come to it. After the battle I met with my friend Terra. She's fantastic, quite the tomboy though. I mean she has short hair, a flat chest and everything!

We were discussing my powers, oh that's right I told her about my powers, I tell everyone that I know about them. Much like my gender identity it's not something I try to hide. I'm open about just about everything. Really I am.

Oh that's right! My gender identity. You probably don't know what a demi girl is. Well its a gender that isn't a boy or a girl. It's neither. When your neither like me, your considered non binary or even trans if you like. I feel like 75% of the time a girl, and the rest of the time like no gender at all. That might seem really really strange but it's more common then you'd think. I get a lot of crap for it, that much is true, but I don't mind. I know what I am and that's all that really matters.

I was talking with Terra today. She had a bandage over her nose. It was broken. That was odd...just like Podia, that's preposterous of course not. I asked her how she got it.

"I was kick boxing"

"I thought you gave that up"

"I did, but I still do it from time to time"

I changed the subject.

"you still want to be a police officer?"

"of course! That's the dream man."

"I don't get it." I sighed.

"yes well not everyone does."

She rolled back on her stomach.

"can I ask you something?"


"how did you, you know?"


"how did you come out?" She seemed unsure of herself all of a sudden.

"Terra is their something you want to tell me?"


Gay, totally gay, I have the best gaydar. That must be why she dresses like that, of course!

"it's cool that your gay I understand"

"what, no, that's not- I mean yes but-"

She was flustered.

"I'm transgender"

She practically spit the words out of her mouth. She had a tint of frustration in her voice. For you kiddies at home who don't know what being transgender is, it pretty much means your not comfortable with what you were assigned at birth. Or in other words, your gender doesn't match what the doctor said when you were when came out of your parent's stomach. I think that sums it up.

"oh, so your...mtf or ftm?"

"I hate both those terms"

"then what are you?"

"a transguy"

she seemed relieved. I'm one of her few and only friends. I'm also the only one she isn't a cold hearted person to.

"what are your preferred pronouns?"

"excuse me?"

"what do I call you, he, she, they, Hir, what?"

"oh um... guy pronouns are fine"

"pronouns aren't gendered" I laughed.

"you know what I meant." He was distant.

We spent the day away, talking and being random, have I mentioned that I'm a random person? Because I'm a random person. We played with my abilities a bit. I lit a white and orange little stick for him. He relaxed. "so what are your thoughts on gas masks?" He stop breathing out for a moment. "hmm?"

"your nose is odly broken"

"what are you suggesting?"

"Are you Podia?"

"who's she?"

I gave him a look. "Podia is my team mate, he's trans, black, disabled, and has a broken nose just like you!"

He laughed.

"that's silly and you know it, I'm not one of those things."

"really?" I raised my brow.


"I never said he was a volo"

Terra looked at his hands for a moment then cussed briefly.

"Jig is up isn't it?"


"well f-"

he cussed again. "so now I know, and you've known about me, so why did you never tell me about you?"

He looked at his hands again and grasped his prosthetic leg. We're both amputee's something we've bonded over.

"William said.."

"I don't care what William said, he's not god you know, we don't have to listen to every little thing he commands"

Terra shook his head.

"I know, but-look I'm..sorry"

"Ok good" I turned my back on him, and turned on the tv. I was done talking to him. I wouldn't respond so he eventually left.

I called up my friend Florencia we often talk about gaming together. Well, that and movies, but gaming is our passion and we share a Youtube channel so it's always something to talk about.

"what's up?"

"nothing much you?"

"Testing out this new Ren'py game"

"uhuh what is ren'py?"

"a thing to makes games with."

"ooh very specific."

"your one to talk, Mrs. Vague"

" at-least I name my let's play's properly"

"that hurt" I jokingly replied.

"oh I didn't mean to cause you any harm or offense"

I hate it when she talks like that, and she knows it.

"very funny"

She laughed. "I love to make you suffer"

it's this inside joke. We like to tease each other, her and I, it's our thing.

Eventually though the conversation went awkwuard.

"so, you hear about the goup"

"ya, they can't trace the company though"

"I never thought you guys could get special kinds of infections"

" I didn't either, to be honest I don't have a clue about Volo anatomy or if it's even different to yours. " I awkwardly laughed after that.

" You do realize that theirs been more deaths"


"ya not related to that, but theirs been several murders aimed at only Volo's"

" really?"

"yep, watch out for yourself. If you keep blabbing about your powers you might end up dead too."

"Trust me no one is gona end me"

"you don't know that Ae Sook, besides I just, care that's all"

"well, thanks but I better be going."

"you sure?"


"well, be safe"

"ok bye"

I called William. He had that stupid voice changer on again. I really hate it.

" William?"

"yes? Cam?"

"do you know anything about, the resent volo deaths"

"I'm quite aware"

"right, you better tell the rest of the team then"

" I will, thanks for the update"

"ok bye."

The next night he called for an early patrol.

Scavage was half to her senses as always.

"this is crazy why do we have to be up this late!" Ms. Independent asked.

Scavage retorted. "don't use ableist slurs, to make your point"

"Crazy is just a word Scavage"

"to you it is"

They were silent for a moment.

The two can bicker but not as often as Podia, and me, then again now that I know Podia is Terra, I don't think I'll be bickering as much.

Podia approached me, "about yesterday"

"save it Terra I don't have time for bul-"

William spoke loudly above our whispers.

"Their have been some deaths!" He was practically screaming. Probably to interrupt our convo. That is so like him.

"I think it is our business to learn about what's causing them"

"it's a serial kil-"

"we know that Cam thanks for telling, no I meant the reason as to why"

William is normally a pain. To put it nicely. He gets things for us, and updates our gear and equipment, that's the real reason I think we put with him, let alone keep him as leader.

"I need you all to investigate"


"keep your ears peeled for the news, when a death is fresh we shall investigate"

He sounded coky. Don't tell anyone but I really hate Willeim, like alot. I think he knows and that's probably why he doesn't treat me very well. But he's still a pain in the neck.