I woke up into the morning, soon the dream became a haze and left my mind in a blur. I went to school, I finally talked to Terra in the middle of class.

We passed notes A long sheet of paper we would write responses on

send this to terra -Ae Sook

So about that reporter..


ok is there anything you want to talk about?


It's ok




I don't know

We ran out of room after that. Luckily we didn't get caught. We called William after school.

We went on patrol and all was fine. I was walking home when I saw a man from the ally approach me. He was coming closer and closer. I started running yelling "FIRE" and told him to stay away. He eventually caught on. I was still in costume so I used my powers on him. It stopped him temporarily. But eventually he caught me, and touched my forehead. I saw a bright light and couldn't move. Could this be the guy that was hurting volo? Please tell me that I'm not next.

I was paralyzed. He carried me into the back of his van. He had malicious plans. He was talking to me as if I was a child, as he took out a large sharp weapon. I prayed that William, or Someone would come for me. I was screaming in my mind. I then heard footsteps. And running. the doors were pulled open by what seemed to be magick. Then I saw him. William in his costume. He slammed the guy to the back of the truck using his telekinesis.

He started making the man cough, as the guy prayed for William to let him go, he could barley breath. I still couldn't move.

"what have you done to her!"

William demanded. (how did William know I was in trouble) the thought crossed my mind.

(please don't harm him) I begged within my mind.

"I won't harm you if you let her go"

"fine, fine, guy, whatever just" He was struggling for words.

"let me"

William dropped him. The man came and touched my forehead, another bright white flash.

I immediately used my flames on a very special area causing him severe pain. He fell to the floor crying.

"I'll call 911 you stay put"

Soon the police arrived. They questioned me, and made me take my mask off, William promised not to look. Looking away the police questioned him too.

He took his respirator off but technically goggles don't count as a mask so I only caught a glimpse of his fameiler face.

"that should be all thankyou"

They took the man in handcuffs, and forced him into the back of their car.

I put my mask back on after they left.


I shrugged to William.

He looked at me.

"next time don't walk alone"

"I didn't think-"

"doesn't matter. If I weren't for my powers I wound't of known you were in danger. I have more than you are aware of. Do not tell any of our team about this. I want you safe, but I care about our secrets more. He was evil, he was planning"

William caught his breath.

"terrible things, go home, Ae Sook, you best be getting your rest"

He vanished in an instant.

How did he know my name? Has he known this entire time? Why not tell me. This was frustrating, he was frustrating. It's getting harder to hate him, but I still don't like the man.

The next morning I turned on the news.

"Girl nearly killed"

the news reporter said, demi girl, I'm a demi girl not a girl.

"by the volo destroyer"

that was the police's nickname for the killer. He had almost attacked me. He had almost ended me. I was supposed to be his next victim. I feel sick, I don't know how to feel. It was horrifying. He did other things while I was paralyzed that I haven't told you and won't tell you. I can't talk about it, it's too extreme. I know these journals are meant to be accessible to kids, that's what William wanted when he demanded we keep them, so I couldn't tell you even if I wanted. But trust me tweens you don't want to know...

I was shaken up by the whole ordeal.

"looks like they caught him" one of my little brothers said

"ya good".

the end of book 2