Chapter One | Crying Moon
(Nicholas' POV)

A/N: Starts out really slow. Not beta'd (haha). None of these chapters will ever be beta'd.

"Are you ready?" Celina asked while rubbing my back soothingly.

No, I was not ready. Not in the least. I was still so young, most pairs didn't even begin the binding ceremony until they were both twenty-one years of age. The white and blue robes I was wearing began to slide off my naked body. I pulled them back up in a hurry.

Part of the ceremony included waded into frozen cold water and touching out heads together, that is, me and my selected alpha. But as I, the first male omega in over three thousands years, were to be mated to the only son of the strongest and oldest alpha alive, every clan in the states and other countries were going to attend.

"Yes," I lied and clenched my teeth. Celina could clearly see my discomfort and smiled sadly.

She pulled me in for a hug. "You're very lucky Nicholas. You will become the next vixen of the Bayor pack! It's every girls dream, Nick. And you're about to live it."

I didn't want to live it though. I didn't want to be fucked and breed, made to be barefooted and pregnant all the time to carry the pups of a man who didn't love me. I wasn't ready, I didn't want this. I'm only sixteen and male. I would rather be with a female alpha...okay no, not really. But anything but this.

"And you're going to strengthen our clan status, the Giovanni and Bayor packs will be united and deemed the strongest throughout the world." Celina ranted off excitedly.

I sighed. "Celina, you know I love you right?" She did. We've been growing up together since we were young pups. She was a beta, and I was too until we found out...otherwise.

She nodded in response.

"Okay, then please shut up." I groaned. She bowed her head as a 'yes' and continued plucking at my robes, making sure they fit on just perfectly. We stood there, the both of us, in silence for another twenty minutes. It gave me enough time to go over today.

I've heard some things about my alpha-to-be. Some of the girls in the main house say he's killed fifty men, others differ and say about a hundred. Some say he's cruel and vicious, that he and his father are traditionalist.

A traditionalist would be, in most cases, an alpha who believes in the old way; that omegas were made to carry their alpha's pups, be honorably devoted, act as the stereotypical housewife, and do what the alpha says. Omegas weren't allowed to have an education or even work back in that time.

Something that a handful of major companies still practiced.

Back in those days...I shivered. I didn't even wanted to think of it. More beta's died than omega's and male omegas were cursed and crucified after being discovered.

"Done," Celina said and grinned widely at me. I turned around and looked in the mirror behind me, Even if the robes were huge I did look absolutely divine. The collar of the main robe was around my shoulders, leaving them bare and naked. It reminded me of the Japanese male kimonos.

The main robes was purely white. It symbolized virginity and purity. I flushed and shook my head. I was going to have to wear this in front of a couple million people. This was going to be embarrassing. The white robe also symbolized my lupus et corpus. My wolf body.

Then there was the second robe, it was transparent and white with chrysanthemums dancing on the end where the fabric touched the floor. The second robe was to symbolize my pure mind, the lupus mente. My wolf mind.

The third robe was white, lighter than the other two, and see through. It had blue trim on the ends, near the sleeves, collar, and where is kissed the floor. This robe represented how I was truly pure of heart, my practically lupus corde. My wolf heart.

I had a light blue piece of clothing that was similar to a large scarf, it hung down behind my arms, like a makeshift cardigan. While this article of clothing didn't represent any of my wolf, it showed dedication to my alpha, forever and ever. Sadly, as long as wolves kept shifting, they wouldn't die.

If my alpha was truly cruel and abusive like those girls said, I would rather stop shifting and die than live forever and ever with him.

Finally, a large white transparent veil hung over my head. Although you couldn't see it the area around my eyes had been painted blue, my cheeks and lips were a rosy red, and...God...I had mascara on. I'm pretty sure, that if it wasn't for my long lashes, raven colored hair, and cornflower blue eyes, I would still look...kinda manly?

"Celina..." I shuddered and wrapped my arms around my waist. "You''ve done a good job. I look amazing. I'm sure the Bayor alphas will love and appreciate how I was presented."

She gave me a dazzling smile. "You're the most beautiful omega I've ever met, even if you are male." She motioned for me to walk off the pedestal I had been standing on and leave her sewing room. The hall of our main house, or should I say mansion, was completely empty. But I could hear the excited chatter of my family and household members downstairs.

I took a deep breath. The butterflies in my stomach temporarily subsiding to let me calm my nerves down some. I walked down the hall and to the staircase.

There were literally hundreds of pairs of shoes in front of the door.

God, that meant more people who would have to see me before the ceremony.

I held my head high and squeezed my eyes. The nerves were coming back, and quick. I took one more deep breath, and descended down the staircase.

It only took fifteen seconds before I heard a loud high-pitched squeal. I kept taking deep breaths. I wouldn't run, I wouldn't run. I refused to run. I could feel my lupus tugging at my chest though, telling me to run. Telling me to hide.

When I reached the bottom I understood why.

The vile stench of alphas hit me like I freight train. I could feel panic pierce my chest. Within seconds people were surrounding me, pulling on my arms, commenting on how wonderful I looked. My vision became blurry, my senses were screaming danger! Danger! Danger!

"Mom...?" I was trembling now, my hands were shaking violently as the smell became stronger and stronger. Someone touched my shoulder and I spun around, facing a tall and bulky middle aged man who I knew could sense the pheromones I was currently putting off, by the way he was leering.

Ugh, fucking creepy ass alphas and their noses.

"Oh my baby!" My mom cried from complete joy. She enveloped me in a large hug. My mom wasn't your average petite omega, she was tall, back-boned, and head strong. Most alphas hated seeing an omega, much less a woman, basically run her own clan. Dad was more her sidekick that she was his.

I could see my dad standing behind a bunch of people I didn't know. He was a very tall alpha, almost six feet and seven inches. Because of his height people were easily frightened of him...and that monster of a beard he refused to shave.

I smiled in his direction, he saw it, and smiled back.

Knowing that his youngest son was an omega had been hard for the both of them. I could honestly admit that when my dad found out half the house had been destroyed and certain sections of the household had to move in with other parts, so everything had been cramped for a while.

My brothers and sisters were a little embarrassed to know me. They started avoiding me in school and public. Claiming that I was a 'friend' or 'distant cousin'. Only my mother was proud of me.

It hadn't really bothered me at first. But then other kids started picking on me, inside the clan and outside.

Eventually everything got so bad I became suicidal. I felt damaged, emotionally and psychologically.

When my father received an invitation for a private council between him and the Bayor alpha he went and came back looking like he'd won a million bucks proclaiming I was going to get married.

I had been outraged, but being an omega, I couldn't help but submit.

"I want to go now." I squeak into my mum's ear and she smiled.

"Of course honey. But you know the ceremony doesn't start for another four hours?" I nodded, I just needed to get out of this house.

"Honey!" She shouted over everyone inside. "Get someone to bring the car upfront. Proficiscimur."

I watched dad nod his head and mother announce to the guest that we were leaving for an important meeting. The car arrived and we got in, including Celina who I was going to make my beta. She was my best friend after all and deserved the soon-to-be honorable title.

"Okay, ready now?" She squealed and I gave a shy smile.

Celina gave me a side hug. "Yeah...I guess."