lightness is her mind, heaviness is her limbs.

grand proclamations form and then flit away.

her arms won't reach out to touch

what she wants them too.

the floor meets the ceiling in a curve,

everything blurring into one continuous shape.

laughter bubbles up and doesn't stop, and

she keeps laughing and laughing and laughing.

(until she cries)

unfamiliar eyes meet hers, unfamiliar hands grab her,

unfamiliar walls she leans on, unfamiliar bodies

she moves against.

everything is so fucking perfect, she thinks.

i am so fucking happy.

she shouts it to the room and cheers



love is a fickle emotion, and she throws it away

carelessly. love to the bartender, love to the boy

loving her, love to the girls she met in the bathroom,

love to everyone and everything until she

doesn't have any more to give.

pink chalk dusts the black sky as

she stumbles out into light.

a pattern seared into her brain in

blinding, flashing neon.

her clumsy fingers dial and she rests

against the curb, eyes closed closed closed.

squealing tires saves her from

getting lost in her own mind.

"love," he says. like it's her name.

"oh, love."

crashing and stumbling, falling into

arms she knows, finally.