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CHAPTER ONE: Squeeze into me

I met him a little more than a year ago. I didn't know anybody. I remember my heart racing just a little bit as I made my way to class that day. Charlie, lazy as he is, was a few minutes late. He came running to class and all the boys welcomed him like they're his favorite boy.

"Hi, I'm Julia Cheng," I began as I stood in front of the class. My fingers were fidgeting over the ID lace, that the school administration has given me, because I was a little nervous over their scrutiny. "I just moved here two weeks ago."

Everyone was quiet, all their eyes were upon me.

"Thank you, Julia. You can sit next to Charlie over there," Mrs. Miller said. She pointed onto the single empty seat next to late Charlie.

Charlie didn't give me a single glance as I sat next to him. He didn't talk to me either. He acted like I wasn't even there. Charlie was a quiet boy, he focused on the task at hand, or he merely scribbled unknown things on his notebook in front of him. Although, he was all everyone could hear when he was with his friends.

I could describe Charlie in a thousand words but all I could say was he's one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen. He wasn't a pretty boy but he was pretty popular. There was nothing particularly attractive about him but it's the way all his features came together. He had smoldering dark eyes that looked completely uninterested with the world. A week after the first day of school, I decided that that was my favorite part of his face. His nose was completely symmetrical with his entire face. His lips, I noticed, were never dry and never pale. His teeth were perfectly sized and placed together. And my second favorite part was his jaw. I couldn't say anything else about his jaw, it just felt like God created him first before anybody else, making him this beautiful.

He hung out with six of the boys in class but Charlie was particularly close with one of them, Richard. Richard was a friendly boy. I remember that he was the first person who talked to me during my first day. It was hard to imagine how he was close to Charlie when they didn't seem to have matching personalities. Richard was the soft kind of boy and Charlie was tough. Charlie was usually loud when he hung out with the boys, making jokes and with the others laughing. His jokes were usually at somebody's expense without being offensive. Whenever they walked, Charlie was always front of the line with everybody listening to what he had to say. Charlie was tall and thin so he was easily seen through his crowd besides the fact that he was attractive.

"So, you coming to that one day camp they're planning?" Charlie suddenly asked, leaning onto my table. It took him two weeks before he decided to talk to me.

I looked at him with my small round eyes, he was looking straight back at me. "No," I answered.

He leaned back to his table and shrugged with a smile at the corner of his thin lips. "Oh well, everyone's coming though."

I managed a small smile under the pounding of my heart.

That was our first interaction. What was nice about it is that he actually talked to me before I talked to him.

Another week later, Charlie leaned towards me yet again. He flashed a perfect smile.

"I'm curious," he began and my heart skipped a beat. "Do you even know what happened to Ryan?"

"Who's Ryan?" I asked innocently, momentarily avoiding his gaze.

Charlie chuckled softly. He leaned back and pulled his chair to face me. I felt the heat running to my face as quick as the speed of light. "The one who sits, or should I sat? two seats away from you," he said, nodding towards the empty seat in front of Kim who sat in front of me.

I shrugged. "I'm oblivious to why you think I would know."

Charlie gave me another deadly smile. I would have swooned if I could only stop time. "I'm oblivious as to why you don't know!"

I laughed. It was my first laugh in class and it felt good to feel my cheeks stretch. "You've been in the same class for I don't know how long and you're asking the new girl?"

"You've got this little Chinese thing going on, I automatically assume you know everything," he spoke with the same smile.

I narrowed my eyes on him with my heart calming down under his presence. "You know, that's racist," I said, smiling back at him. I hoped I didn't smile too big though.

Charlie laughed this time. Not a chuckle, but a laugh. He leaned towards me with his elbows resting on his thighs and his legs spread apart. I wanted to face him completely, and just look at him and just listen to his voice. I was obviously smitten. "Look," he began explaining. His smile hasn't left him and I wished he wore it everyday. "There's like a billion of you guys, I think it's only fair that I become racist."

My mouth fell slightly opened and I let out another laugh. "How is that even fair?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Charlie raised his hands in mock surrender. "You don't have to be mad."

I laughed. "I'm not mad!"

"You were raising your voice, Julie," he said.

"It's Julia," I said, emphasizing the letter A.

He brushed my correction away. "Julia schmulia," he said, grinning at me. "Anyway, I'm actually doing every race a favor because if I wasn't racist particularly on your race, then that'd be bias."

"How is that bias?"

"You know, I wasn't even ready for your questions so just shhh," he said.

His gaze lingered on me a few seconds more as he moved his body to face the front, still wearing his happy smile. I stared at him with my own poor representation of a smile.

School became a tiny bit exciting with Charlie around. These conversations happened every so often. At one point, he happened to reach school before I did that he had already been lazily sitting on his chair for quite sometime, tapping his pen on his wooden table. During those times, when classes hasn't started yet, he would start talking to me about the songs he has been listening to.

"Have you heard of The 1975?" he asked me the minute I sat down on my chair.

"I think I have?" I said. "I think I saw them on TV once."

He leaned on my table and offered a piece of his earphones to me so I could listen.

"Forgive the language, this is called Sex," he said, mischievously smiling.

His face's distance towards mine was heating my face all over again. The blood was rushing to my cheeks.

"You okay?" he asked, leaning back, questioning how I look. "You look pink when you should be yellow."


He laughed. "No, seriously, you alright?"

I nodded, hoping he didn't have to be that close for him to see the color of my cheeks.

The upbeat song called Sex continued to play. Charlie was looking at the floor as it played and I was just watching him feel the song. At that moment, I felt that we had our own world.

As soon as the song ended, he pulled the earphone plug from my ear. "What do you think?" he asked me.

"I like it," I replied, smiling at him. I genuinely liked the song despite the sad story behind it.

"Cool," he said. "You should listen to them. They've got good songs."

"You're a hipster," I commented with a short chuckle.

"Oh! You wanna go there, son?" he threatened with a smile. I liked how he always smiled when he talked to me. "Don't be talkin' shit with me, nigga!"

He began with his poor imitation of the ghetto accent. He sounded like he was trying too hard that it made me laugh.

"Look at you! You can't even do it," I said, ridiculing his accent.

He laughed. "No?" I shook my head to agree with his question. "Anyway, my point is, we both know you're more hipster than I am with your geek Sherlock and Star Trek shit."

"It's not like you didn't watch Star Trek!"

"But do you see me being all wrapped up in it? I don't think so!"

"Sometimes, I want to punch you in the face," I admitted with a laugh.

He laughed with me. These are how our mornings went, or how our days went. Every day that I spent sitting next to him, I have gotten to know him more and I realized more and more than we were more alike than I was with anybody.

"I can feel it," my friend Megan said during lunch.

"Feel what?" I asked her.

Megan was from a different class but we were from the same level. I met her during one of my lonely lunches during the first week of school. She welcomed herself in my table and decided to be my friend. Megan was odd but amazing. She always wore neon colored clothes in which she gets teased about every now and then as if they actually get blinded by the color of her clothes. She had jet black hair that fell to her shoulders that looked as if she constantly combed it even when she doesn't. I honestly thought her pretty little face was a little underrated because none of the boys were interested in her.

"You know, people will start talking about you," she explained.

"Because?" I asked as I took a bite off of my mashed potatoes.

"You are aware of how popular Charlie is, right?" she replied.

Charlie was popular but I had this impression that none of the boys in school were particularly popular.

"Well, he's not THAT popular and why would they talk about me?" I answered Megan.

She sighed in slight exasperation and placed a hand on my shoulder. "He may not be as popular as the jocks on TV but he's got a few girls swooning over him on the side. And once they start noticing that you and him are starting this love story of yours-" She placed a finger on my lips to shut me up before I could even speak. "Let me finish. Once they start noticing that you and him are close, those girls would get really crazy."

"That's not very nice," I said.

Megan shrugged. "That's how some of the girls are." She, then, smiled. "I got your back though."

I smiled back in appreciation of the friendship I have built miraculously.

A week later, I found myself in his company leaving our last class of the day. I made my way towards the staircase to go down but before I could take the first step, he began complaining.

"Seriously, now?" he asked, oblivious as to why I was taking the stairs.

"What?" I asked naively.

"We have an elevator here, sir. "

I was so used to him referring to me as a "sir" that I didn't care to oppose him. "There's always just too many people there," I groaned.

"Oh, come on. I don't have patience for that," he said as he turned out to make his way to the elevator.

I sighed and followed him.

As expected, the elevator could only support the two of us. Least like a gentleman, he squeezed himself into the small room. I stood before the open doors and was reluctant in going on.

"Come on, squeeze into me," he said and laughed after he realized what he had said.

I laughed and obliged. I squeezed myself into the small elevator with my face facing him. He smelled distinctively masculine with a hint of what new laundry smells like. I wanted to bury myself to him that I felt myself burying myself to him.

"Uhh, sir? You're on my chest," he whispered and I immediately regained consciousness. He laughed. "Sleepy?"

That was a very good excuse. "Yeah, a bit," I lied.

"Let's see if this'll wake you up," he whispered with his masculine voice that sounded extra sexy for a moment. With everyone else in the elevator and in those few minutes that we spent there, he cupped my chin with one of his hands to cock it up and face him. He slowly zeroed the distance between us. With my lips naturally parted already, I could feel my breathing speeding up and my heart racing after it. With half a second, I felt his soft moist lips onto mine.

He kissed me.