I can't go on like this anymore.

I can't find a reason to live for.

Verse 1

Each time my sweet darkness rears its head,

I shove it down deeper inside my heart,

Till it seeps into my veins of red,

And shoots my broken soul with poisoned darts.


I can't go on pretending I'm fine.

I can't live in a life that's not mine.

Verse 2

Each time my reflection in the glass,

Morphs into my true form, I catch a glimpse,

Of who I was when there was an us,

I feel the venom searing my limbs.


I can't go on with this deep regret,

I had become everything I hate.


And now I'm a messed up version

Of every person I've ever been.

All I see is a distortion

Of every image I've ever seen.


And I can't go on when I've lost my faith.

And I can't run anymore from my death.