Why did this have to happen to you? It should have been me in that car, and I sincerely wish that I could take your place, even now. It was just a tragic accident, I know, but that isn't consolation enough to make it bearable to see you in this condition. I hope with all my heart that you will come back to me. This, to me, is the most important thing. Of course I want the idiot who did this to you to face justice, but his punishment will not restore your health. In fact, I would let him go free if it could wake you up. I would give my life to let you live. Why must I sit here and watch you fight for your life, both of us completely helpless? I wish that I could make you better. I wish that I could undo the whole situation; I would make you stay with me instead of going out and getting into that car.

Do you know that I would do that for you? Do you know that I am with you right now? Have you heard my voice, or felt my presence next to you every minute? I hope that you do. I would like to believe that wherever your mind has wandered beyond this world, it has told you that I am with you. I pray every day that you will improve; even the smallest fraction of improvement will do. I do not ask much because I know that you will come back to me when the time is right, but I never give up hope that today might be the day that you wake. Whenever that day will be, I will be right here waiting. I promise. I love you, and I will never leave you. Of course, you already knew that, didn't you?

(Grabs his hand) No matter what you go through, I will not give up hope. I believe in you. You are strong enough to overcome anything, and for you, I stay strong too. What I don't tell you is that sometimes I get scared. It frightens me to sit here day in and day out with no sign that your condition has changed. My greatest fear is that I will lose you. However, sometimes I worry that you may never wake, that you will stay like this for the rest of your life. It's selfish, really, because more often than not, the fear is not that you will have to go through that, but that I will be alone. I do not know what I would do without you. That is why I am holding on to hope; because I believe that you can and will pull through. Hope is all I have.