Is this the real world? Or is it fake? Is it a dream? A game like Sims where people are controlling us? What the difference between real and fake anyway? After all, if someone makes it up then isn't it real in their mind? It all seems so fake sometimes. Fake drama, fake love, fake sadness, fake happiness. I feel like I'm disconnected from it all. Like I'm watching from the sidelines, like a TV show. Like a movie. Whenever I want to interact with the scenery, I can't bring myself to. I'm one of those characters in the background, an extra I suppose. Do I even get any lines, I wonder?

I'll rather live in dreams instead of life. Sure dreams can be scary and weird at times, but at least there's always something new compared to the monotone of the everyday life. Though then again, if we always lived in our dreams, then eventually wouldn't that seem monotone? Maybe the people who live only in our dreams are sick of it and want to go to real life. I don't know. The people in our dreams aren't real… Or are they? They're real to me, so that makes them real.

If dreams are real, then why does life seem fake? In a way fiction seems realer than life. The characters have more depth and development. You always know what they're thinking, and when you don't, it's cool. In real life when you don't know what someone's thinking it's scary though, and I don't like it. Do they like me? Do they hate me? I don't know.

The internet's always seem more comfy than real life to me. On the internet, you can be who you want to be, and if someone hates on you, you can just ignore them while in real life you need to face them everyday. There's more stuff to do, more places to go, the internet is unlimited while in real life you're limited by politeness.

So why? Why was I born in this real world that seems fake? Filled with lights and concrete… It's so loud. I don't like it. The fake world that seems real is better. Expect I need to say in the fake real world, as if we don't live in this world, we cannot contact our real world. So why did I have to get into this car accident? Why? Death's faker than this world we live in, so… So… Can't you just let me say one last bye to everything I know, real or fake? No? It's… Game Over?

A Note From Your Author: Look, I was writing this as I went along, okay? I recently finished watching an anime called Serial Experiments Lain, and I wanted to do something where the line between the internet and real life is tough to see. And you know what? This is the exact same thing as Alone, the second story I wrote on here! A big pointless monologue, and then death! Expect in Alone it made sense while in this one is doesn't because I just put in the ending to try to give an illusion of a story! ah well, that last line is badass.

Sincerly, Fujaku.