This is a musical pet project that has been ongoing since 2012. I am about to enter the story boarding stage for the short film version of this story.

This is structured much like an actual screenplay/script.

I would like to dedicate this play to three extraordinary singers and swingers of the twentieth century who have inspired millions to love, look for blue skies, and play beyond the stars. Yves Montand, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra.

Thank you all so much.


Ext.: Outside (usually a building)

Int.: Inside (usually a building)

House: The audience

Important objects are initalics

Cast of Players

Major Players:

Rick Daniels: American reproduction artist of da Vinci, van Gogh, Monet, and Raphael. A bit shy (especially around women) and can be a bit anti-social.

Jacques Deforest: Anamorphic Snake Eagle who is a waiter at Le Meurice (a five-star world renowned restaurant- real location). Kindhearted, benevolent, selfless, Good Samaritan, all around good guy.

Pierre Proulx: Gray-bluish cat who wears a beret. Petty thief who is an art lover. Favorite piece is the Mona Lisa. Outgoing, naive, ambitious, and sly.

Maria Duval: French sculptor.

Bastion Proulx: Pierre's big brother. Brown cat who is essentially his brother's twin when it comes to personality. He however is more observant of the world and takes it upon himself to protect him little brother.

Dumas Proulx: Gray cat who is heartless and unforgiving. Pierre and Bastion's father.

Apollinaire "Paulie" Bouchard/ The Cat: A master thief and part time piano player at Le Meurice, he is Pierre and Jacques friend. A gentleman with a sly businessman disposition but a heart of gold. He only does thievery when he needs food, which is all the time. He trained Gislebertus and Pierre. Extremely intelligent, and expert swordsman, he assists all of the main characters in some way. (Think of Fagin from Oliver Twist but nicer, not crazy, and doesn't die in the end)

Gislebertus: A petty thief, Pierre's friend.

Minor Players:

Marlene: Pierre and Bastion's sister.

Denis: Pierre and Bastion's little brother. Brown cat.

Stephan: Pierre and Bastion's brother.

Iris: Pierre and Bastion's little sister. Gray cat.

Julian Daniels: Rick's deceased wife.

Jarmel: Cook at Le Meurice

Dieudonné "Don" Armistead: Waiter at Le Meurice

Leopold: Art critic

Louis: Artist

Lewis Barron: British gentleman who's on vacation in France. Assists the main characters.

Choir: An ensemble of singers

An Elderly Man: an elderly man

An Elderly Woman: an elderly woman

Song List (in order)

"Mona Lisa" sung by Pierre

"Dishonor" sung by Dumas

"The Evening Star" sung by Pierre and Bastion

"Paris" sung by Pierre and Bastion

"Humans Will Kill You" sung by Dumas

"Why Are There So Many Things That Are Wrong?" sung by Pierre and Rick

"Chasing the World" sung by Pierre and Rick

"Travelling With You Is Torture" sung by Pierre, Rick, and Jacques

"Desperate" sung by Pierre, Rick, Jacques, and Maria

"The Light of the World Died Yesterday" sung by Pierre

"Choose Wisely" sung by Pierre, Rick, and Maria

"Silent Woods" sung by Dumas and Bastion

"Why Are There So Many Things That Are Wrong?" (Reprise) sung by Rick, Pierre, Jacques, Maria, Bastion, and Dumas

"The Rose Meets the Thorn" sung by Apollinaire and Gislebertus

"We Know What Love Is (Sweet Silver)" sung by Jacques

"Starlight" sung by Pierre, Rick, and Marian

"City Lights (Marseilles)" sung by Pierre

"Paris" (Reprise) sung by Pierre, Jacques, and Choir

Act I

Scene One

Int. Le Meurice Restaurant- Night

Curtain rises.

The restaurant is French, fancy and full of customers who are dressed to the nines. The Kitchen is in the back. In the centre is a round stage with a piano.

RICK DANIELS, an American reproduction artist, is sitting alone at a table. He is wearing a hand me down suit that was rented from Men's Warehouse.

There is a French candle and white chocolate chips on the table.

Above this table is a speaker. Ella Fitzgerald's "Someone to Watch Over Me" is playing.

JACQUES DEFOREST, a waiter, who is an anamorphic Snake Eagle, is standing next to the table. He is wearing the typical waiter's uniform.

RICK looks at a menu as if he has never had food before.


Are you ready to order?

RICK continues to look at the menu in a worried, confused look, as if he's in a rush or is about to criticized by someone.


Monsieur, I cannot wait all day.


(Leans into menu)



(A bit sarcastically)

C'est très bien

RICK sighs

JACQUES looks down at RICK in a very annoyed way


May I suggest something?

RICK shakes his head a bit


If you think it will help


Most definitely, Monsieur...


Daniels, Rick Daniels



(rolls eyes)

you're American

RICK turns to the menu to the wine list


Is there a problem with that?



Aucun! Just making an observation.


I see

RICK scans the deserts portion of the menu

Well while you sir-


(Points to himself with his wing)



(nods, as if to make a mental note)

, do you mind telling whoever is in charge of the music in here to change the song? If I hear Fitzgerald cry about her love one more time I think I'm going to cry.


(Cries excitedly)

Ah, you have a sense of humor!

(Brushes a speck of dust off his shoulder)

I shall speak with the manager, but first, what do you crave: ratatouille, soup, pastry, some wine perhaps?

JACQUES pulls out an order book from his uniform pocket.


Something relatively cheap

RICK turns back a page in the menu


Oui Monsieur,

(Leans down a bit, to see the menu)

Might I suggest the Light Salade aux Lardons?


What's in it?


(Moves his hands a bit, somewhat expressive)

"A salad with ham, a bit of shallot, dashes of vinegar, salt and pepper and four eggs.


That's fine, two please.

RICK hands the menu to JACQUES, looking up at him for the first time. RICK is slightly disturbed.


I'm sorry, were you expecting someone or something else?

RICK nods slowly

JACQUES sighs a bit


Oh well, you wouldn't be the first Monsieur Daniels

JACQUES puts order book away

Anything else I can get for you?

RICK shakes his head, leans back in his chair. He looks across at the empty chair and looks a bit solemn, as if he lost something (or someone). His eyes move from the chair to the candle to the white chocolate chips and finally to his hands.



Are you alright, Monsieur?

RICK slowly moves a finger around his wedding ring finger. He caresses his wedding ring as if it's the only thing left in the world.

JACQUES sits down in the vacant chair and looks at Rick with the same concern as before, this time though, a bit more observant and attentive. He leans over the table, placing his elbows on the table and clasping his wing like hands together.


Monsieur Daniels, any particular reason why you're alone in Paris' most famous five star restaurant, wearing a hand-me-down suit and looking as if you swam in the Seine?

RICK looks up at Jacques and closes his eyes for a moment. He takes a breather.

The Ella Fitzgerald song (music) intensifies.

"Someone To Watch Over Me"

Music dies down

RICK opens his eyes


If you must know, I met my wife here six years ago.



Ah, combine romantique.

(Looks around a bit)

Where is your wife now?




Oh. Je suis désolé. Is that why you're...



She died on Saturday. Tonight's our anniversary, this was her favorite restaurant.


Well, she had good taste.

(Stands up quickly)

I'll be back with your meal en un instant!


Alright, thanks. Don't bring the second plate.


If that is what you wish sir.


I do.

JACQUES nods and exits

Music intensifies

RICK looks out toward the HOUSE