Vertical Mindwipe

Psyho-fidelity cerebral synaptic storm
Twain the hemispheres, dualistic reverberation
Speak not the have not, boss emphatic
Quaint Reaper's deaths-head skeletal grin
Oh uh ahum, ahem, clear the phlegm
Laugh at shadow lurking, incredulous disbelief
Voice your desires, tempered solid certainty
This chaotically ordered principle shine
All the world suffering the mentally blind
Get behind, underneath, overstanding kind
Line the wine around psychotic blathering mind
Sever corded twine binding you to the grind
Seven eight nine two and one, six four five
Spectacular stellar infinity cosmic bliss
Muaha aha, shed egotistical hindering burden
Riptop sundering mythical dream
Master paradigm, rise up enlightened soul