Moka Loke

Three tears unshed, cry no lie
Shadow void internal no rest
Growing larger and larger
Obesity epidemic spiritual sickness
Stuff your face, worthless torment
Grind the mind behind the line
Burn it with lye, frustrated sigh
Parabolic descent, hellish crescendo
Sinking the downward spiral
Ha! Aha! Flip it, shift
Polarity mass reversal
Introspective intentional dimension
Fill the void, real soul essence
Find can't hide, light all seeing
Embrace spiritual cosmic source
Rambling thought train derailed
Jail the doubt, banish your worry
Love and courage and creativity
Hate and fear exorcised hellfire demons
Nourish the soul, cage the ego

And in this place I find I still cannot jive
Puff puff pass, another toke, another stoke
Mmhmm cool flowery course onset collective
Red eyes no lies, no flies, hey hey now
In the dream weaving the gleaming ream
Shaft back strokey toke moka loke
Aha! No sir no man, fuzz cat chillax
Laughing in the face of all that binds
'cause it amuses me, hell yes, fuck no
Keys to unlocked doors held, soul pocket fist
Just open up, no worries, no tears
Except for joy, happy tears serene delight

Oh! hum! Endless rhythmless lingual diaspora
Bring back, push forward, no joke